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Love it so much forPosted by Lavi Bobiltu 2016-08-20

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I am addictedPosted by Stanislav Bushuev 2016-08-30

This game is both educational and entertaining. Educational part is that you need to figure out/calculate the trigectory(the angle at which to send one or the other kind of bird). You also need to figure out how will the bird damage the pig fortifications. And it is entertaining because you are in control of the outcome and I've been playing on this app for a long time. Thank you whoever made this. You're awesome.

Posted by Md Sourov 2016-09-01

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I'm hooked upPosted by Ivonne Figueroa Garcia 2016-09-05

"Is entertaining fun ones I start playing its hard to let go, I just want to get to the next phase to see what crazy maneuver I have to deal with, and passing the levels feels like mission accomplich, cause believe when I say some are so hard to pass that I've retried at least 50 times before passing. What I love most is looking at the expretions on the Piggy's and birds faces is hilariously funny"!!!

Really FunPosted by Dyl Ward 2016-09-14

I've been a fan of angry birds for years, and whenever i get a new phone or tablet this game has to be on it instantly. Rovio, i would like to say... KEEP UP THE ANGRY BIRDS!! It would mean so much to me if you do this so i can see another game in the future. I do understand the reason for the ads but you have got to make money somehow.... Am I right?!

My thought hmmm...Posted by Ad sumplz 2016-08-27

Good hustle lol. Loved every moment of 3 ⭐⭐⭐Dang the sun does shine for me and if you Zzz... on angry birds u r crazy vote 4 this year and forever more years angry birds the best game on Pc and Android/iOS and the last word i have to say is vote me as Vice president for

A Classic That Keeps ImprovingPosted by TACTiCOOL RiFLEBORE 2016-08-25

As the title says, I think this game is already a classic. But thanks to their developers and their creative minds, it is still an interesting game to kill time with. Balance of ads, in-game purchase, and outright skill to finish the level is also a reason why I love to have this game for so long now.

Angry BirdsPosted by Erin Damron 2016-08-07

I love it I love it I really love this game I love to play Angry Birds level 2 power ups but if you like this if you really like it I put it there so if you love it so please hit 5 Stars don't just put 23456 just fine just fine I don't mean sex you only can go up to five stars so please love this

Its angry birdsPosted by eric merkel 2016-08-11

Its angry birds , now considered, a classic that came out when the smart phone craze bloomed. Even though it says angry birds it is still kid friendly. This version has commercials but rewards the player with power ups for watching the commercial. Just play it you'll enjoy it :) :) :) :)

SUPERB gaming app!Posted by Reality Dictates 2016-08-19

From the very first time I played this I knew I was going to be addicted. There was no doubt about it and sure enough I am and have been for many years now. Thank you so much Rovio for publishing this wonderful game that has given me literally many, many days of enjoyment playing it!

I love this onePosted by Tord eddsworld 2016-09-10

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I love this onePosted by Foxy fox23 2016-09-10

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I love this onePosted by DoctorFoxy23 TheVoiceHacker 2016-09-10

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This game is so awesome!Posted by Porkito Asado 2016-08-14

Thank you Rovio for making this game. It is so fun with all the new levels and golden eggs. Also the mighty league is great because it give some challenge to beat the star score and the pigs to get to first place. Thank you Rovio for making this game be the #1 app of all time.

My account has been lost..Posted by Rooman Ul Haq 2016-08-14

With all due respects, I dont know what happened.. this evening just now i opened the game and it said you are not connected to Rovio Account. Sign in again. Now i am signing in with the same account but it says this email is not found. What is the issue.?? Kindly solve it

GGPosted by DaiShockerGaming 2016-09-10

It's a good game but in the future can you make Dragon bird z and a dragon Ball z angry birds game plus if you do I bet you every person that likes dragon Ball z will get the game and that's a lot of people so please make the game

Best game everPosted by 2016-09-02

I liked this game so much and I had cleared atleast two stages .the levwls are so interesting but plz fix the ads of mighty scope again and again . Otherwise this game is very good and refresh me after doing my work . Loved it

A favorite from the startPosted by Carter Rice 2016-08-18

I've always loved Angry Birds since it's release in 2009. However, it has crashed on me recently (it's probably just my laptop, though). But overall, it keeps getting better every year. Three cheers for the new Mighty League!

New updatePosted by Andrea McNeil 2016-10-17

There are new levels to play. I love itttttt soo much I don't even have nothing bad about this game on the ratings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It even has a sticker book!!!!!!!!! And more than 600 levels in 14 episodes!!!!!!

Best app to view adsPosted by Daniel Griffin 2016-09-11

This is the best app on android to view different ads for products. I've tried many others but this one by far has the most ad selections to choose from. Theres even a little mini game included about birds or something

It makes me smile...Posted by Candy Humerickhouse 2016-09-10

My grandkids; Elijah, Mariah, & Juilien got me hooked 2 yrs ago..It reminds me of precious memories w them...Oh God how I lv & miss them..ALLof U R ALWAYS on my mind..4EVER..LV U SO MUCH TOO...Grandma Candy

Great gamePosted by Gurkirat Singh 2016-08-27

First I play clash of clans I am town hall in 10 so one day my friend say clash of clan can destroy your life so one day is also realize it destroy my life so I uninstall it and I download angry birds it is awesome

AmazingPosted by Ely Littleton 2016-09-03

I love this game and nothing will change that but it says "The Number 1 Game of all time", If Pokemon Go passes Angry birds downloads, will you change Number 1 game of all time to Number 2 game of all time?!?!?!

Angry Birds is FantasticPosted by Larry Keese 2016-08-16

The ads have made it difficult. I have played AB on several platforms, each one is the Best! Very fun! The new things are different! I need to check them out. I am not a fan of in ap purchases!

This game is the best app that.i ever played on since I was a kidPosted by the blue jay player 2016-08-06

Remember playing this in 2010 and now look at it it is so awesome now. thank you all for making this app and making me love my Angry Bird friends you guys are awesome don't stop making these apps

Top Notch app of all time!!Posted by RandiGirl Johnston 2016-09-08

With its AMAZING graphics and its ease of use this STELLAR App is in a class of its own. Its FUN its FREE and it will entertain people of ALL ages . You cant go wrong with thos one! A must .

First Game ever played!Posted by Luis Ordonez 2016-09-13


Angry Birds still kicks!Posted by Redd Carigo 2016-08-10

I love this game for years now and I've loved it even more. If we can formulate a PVP Tournament here this will be the legendary app of all-time. More bird ideas on this version!

Funny , interest, amazing etcPosted by Sarita Porwal 2016-09-16

It's funny to play. There are so many levels I have complete all levels. It was amazing to play this game. I complete all the levels in 1 week it was amazing to play.

A Cult Hard To Get Over WithPosted by Anubhav Solankey 2016-08-29

Amazing app which defined and paved the smartphone gaming path. Superb effort by Rovio team . Nothing less than love and respect to the game and the developers. Cheers !!!

Fun for all agesPosted by Mark Bridges 2016-09-07

(Mark's daughter tori(29yrs ) my daughter (10yrs) loves this game ,easy to play,very addictive, have played it for years we would give it 10 stars if we could☺☺☺

Posted by Brea Chapman 2016-08-27

This game is amazing I known this game for 18years but now there to many ads I mean every single minute there's an ad please fix who ever made this game and thank u

A game of laughterPosted by 2016-08-29

While play dis game i notice wen u shoot the enemies some of den sayin no an d way dem flyin up in d air my son loves it.. Wen hes not home i plays it all the time

CheatPosted by Anonymus Gamer 2016-10-17

If you lose and don't kill all the piggies it gives you a free video for shockwave. It's bomb with electricity. It's so OP. P.S. might not work every time though.

SuperbPosted by Karan Pandit 2016-09-14

It's amazing I love this game very much and it's soo funny I like to play this game anywhere's a awesome...well done guys .. angry birds lover.

Very entertaining!Posted by Joshua Norton 2016-08-17

It's an addictive game, once you start playing your hooked. I challenge anyone to play one level and stop there. They won't be able to (at least I wasn't).

AmazingoPosted by Nidhu Kedia 2016-08-13

Fantastically &intelligently designed games full of excitement n entertainment. Game enhances one's ability to take challanges with at most joy.

Birds !!!!Posted by Gamex Pkaya 2016-08-06

Loved this game. Very challenging. Must have good aim to destroy all the projects. A wonderful way to pass sometime. This game keeps you occupied.

AaaaaaawweesssoomePosted by Rubyfists65 2016-09-06

App Keep up the great work it would also be nice to make an angrybirds level maker to make your own levels :) but any way keep up the great work.

AaaaaaawweesssoomePosted by Rubyfists 2016-09-06

App Keep up the great work it would also be nice to make an angrybirds level maker to make your own levels :) but any way keep up the great work.

Great GamePosted by Kimberly Reising 2016-08-13

Love it. Me and my daughter play it all the time. Great way to pass the time or just to have fun. So many levels and designs you never get board.

Still love it to this day!Posted by Keith Gould 2016-08-19

I don't get everybody's beef with this fun little beauty. Some say it has too much merch or games but at least it is better than minions merch

Posted by Omar Shrag 2016-08-13

guys i am getting a tablet and this is not my phone but when i get my tablet angry birds will be my faivrout game

The best game everPosted by 2016-08-09

Becease it's. A great game for any one and it's fun and it help my brain to master the levels thx you guys for make ing this the best game

LOVE IT!!!Posted by Maria La Barbera 2016-08-23

I have the angry birds movie and I keep w aching it because I love angry birds I also played angry birds 2.angry birds 2 is a good game.

Posted by yui rio 2016-08-10

Rate 100 stars addicting and awesome cam here's a hint use you're brain bounce you're bird or create chain reaction hope I helped

Posted by Bhuvan T s 2016-08-13

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Excellent gamePosted by Latha Balraj 2016-08-29

This game is very good. It is also very generous. I keep getting power ups from time to time. And ads are no problem for me.

Best game ever.Posted by ABU Talha 2016-08-23

This is the best game of all time.I love playing this game.But get some more episodes.And also very challenging.♡♡♡♡

#BEST GAME EVERPosted by Steven Byron 2016-09-16

Just flawless it is great with iOS and Android graphics awesome but one thing can u add more levels such as GTA mod plz thx

ChallengingPosted by 2016-09-16

I enjoyed every level. I like how each level is like a puzzle to solve. Very fun. I can see what all the fuss was about.

One the very first android game to go viral!!!Posted by Sourav Pradhan 2016-10-15

This is one the best games to kill time.It tests your ability to target.A very nice concept and it's worth to download.

AmazingPosted by 2016-09-15

This Game is very Amazing and when I feel boring I play this game and enjoy the bursting fun Angry Birds you Rocks :-)

You ad moaners need to learn....Posted by Gary Wharton 2016-09-07

Great game no ads what so ever without paying a penny....TURN YOUR INTERNET OFF!!! Without internet ads dont exist!!!

LovelyPosted by Abid Saeed 2016-09-14

This the most beautiful and useful and Good and Very interesting and Hard and and and This best Game in the world....

Amazing this is .Posted by Aman Sharma 2016-08-09

I love it becoz this better than others. I feel like a kid and spending my free time to play it . love u angry birds.

Love this gamePosted by 2016-09-11

It is so adventurous and so much fun exciting and cute and awseme game I totally enjoy and love to play this game ..

Angry birds are best.Posted by Soham Dutta King 2016-08-12

The best game ever i have played which makes me really angry to get through levels. it is better than pokemon go .

Posted by 2016-08-18

I love this game but like its hard to get in the walls to get the pigs the higher levels you get is becomeing hard

This should be editor's choicePosted by Julius A 2016-09-12

Come on a hundred million downloaded this game and it's not editors choice they should add that is very cool game

Posted by Timothy Rule 2016-08-27

Reinstalled after 6years... deleted Angry Birds2 (sucks) and went back to the original...same fun all over again!

I m an old fanPosted by Nahla Mahmoud ElSawaf 2016-09-14

I've been playing it for years now and I lost my account twice now and I enjoy playing the levels all over again

Great to poopPosted by The neko King 2016-08-24

This is the best game to play on the toilet you need to download this app and delete stuff if not enough storage

Always Fun!Posted by Ammad Jawaid 2016-08-09

Just a great game. Love playing a level or two and always aiming to get 3 stars is such a challenge. Love it!!!

Posted by Linda Mestrovich 2016-08-24

Love it. Very fun. Its got alot of clever things and birds all going on at once. It only keeps getting better!

Posted by Alexander Leonelinus 2016-08-21

I've passed all the levels with 3 stars and all the highscores of eagle are all 100-percent. 2333333333333333

Really coolPosted by Alangi Derick 2016-09-06

I like the game. It's really cool and with great level. Thanks for developing the game and keep updating...

RedPosted by Jayden Amadis 2016-08-23

I love how the angry birds launch off that giant slingshot. Anyone who hates this app is crazy

MoviePosted by 2016-08-22

This little piggy went BOOM this little piggy EXPLODED this little piggy went wee wee wee I want my mommy

Mysta50Posted by Gregory Patterson 2016-09-04

Can't tell you how many times I've uninstalled it then reinstalled it to play again. Love this game!!!!

Posted by 2016-09-07

I love this game and I also played it there are so many levels with fun thanks for developing the game

Posted by Rishu Raj 2016-09-02

I like this and my whole family also like this game thanks to all who made this game and keep updating

DAMN GOOD! ^>^Posted by 2016-08-13

I love this game..but plz give some eagle packets for free! It will be really nice! #worth it #love it

Keep em coming!Posted by Steve Stupar 2016-08-09

This game just keeps getting better. I put it down for a bit and something new gets added on. Love it!

AlwaysPosted by Shine Williams 2016-08-07

Awesome game play, it's like a drug never stop...until takes it drug of choice...ANGRY BIRDS

AnanthiPosted by 2016-09-05

Happy birthday from me to get the same thing happened to me and the other day I got the email address

Love itPosted by 2016-09-12

I love hen everything blasts and destroys and please put other potions in other levels.still superb!

The lovePosted by mechagodzilla 3 2016-09-02

Please make more of these kind of clever ideas to this game and me and my friend kc loves this game.

Can you make a new bird?Posted by aaliyah gonzalez 2016-08-30

It Could be one of the power birds, maybe something with ice or lightning? Just a suggestion though.

Loved this appPosted by Rushi Mandhare 2016-09-15

Yes this was really want to crowned No.1 The birds and their powerups are fabulous Hatsoff to Rovio

Best game everPosted by Mihir Tanksale 2016-08-28

Love this game. Brings me back to when me and my bro would fight to play this game on dad's phone..

Amazing gamePosted by 2016-08-09

Every thing about this is perfect and I can't think of any other game that is better than this one.

Brill gamePosted by Jamie Higgins 2016-08-06

Great controls,endless fun,I really enjoy playing it.there's so many chapters and levels, love it!

AddictivePosted by Creeps On You 2016-08-26

It is very addictive because you have to win the game to move on to the second one Angry Birds 2.

Great for travelingPosted by Savannah Earing 2016-08-26

This game is awesome for traveling. If you go places alot I would most definitely recommend this!

AmazingPosted by Marsden Jones 2016-08-25

I have played all the angry birds games and obviously the original is the best I love the series.

AddictivePosted by Jacob Subzero 2016-08-14

I had this game for years now and I will never delete it it is honestly the best game of all time

Love angry birdsPosted by 2016-08-09

This game is sooooo much fun helps me kill my boredom from bein unable to sleep lovvveee ittttttt

GreatPosted by MrLookatmyfunnyname 2016-09-03

I play on deployments. Its fun, doesn't need Internet and I never run out of things to do on it.

Great gamePosted by Abir Pat 2016-08-07

Started playing after seeing the movie... Now I'm addicted. Truly an amazing game. I love Red :)

AddictingPosted by Chloe Adair 2016-09-09

This game is so much fun u could live off the game and it's very addicting specially my syblems

SuperPosted by Vijay Raj Shukla 2016-08-06

Best angry birds series ever..more than 200 levels...and never lets u boring like ab:star wars.

5 starsPosted by Shlok Mehta 2016-09-08

Only 4.4 stars...I think that this game and all angry birds game should be given full 5 stars.

Good gamePosted by Cody Fisher 2016-09-13

I love the game i have played it a lot and so hase my sister she is the one ho got me playing

AddivatedPosted by Joshua Singh 2016-08-31

I love to play this play because when you want to leave the game it hed up you ton not leave.

This is an awesome gamePosted by James Liddicott 2016-08-07

Rovio have done amazing work on this game and I love the mini TV shows. The movie is epic too

GoodPosted by Cameron Curtis 2016-10-18

Its good but a little to good because it my only game so it takes a lot of data from my phone

Love it love it love itPosted by Osiel Blanco 2016-09-15

I love the game and movie is so funny! And the game is very challenging KEEP IT UP ROVIO! YA

Its a great gamePosted by 2016-09-15

I am out alot eating food hanging out with friends and it is a great time killer! Love 10/10

Posted by 2016-08-27

I luv this game its very cool and realisation game and its graphics and animation is awesome

I really like& love that the game will have a great deal to buy the gamePosted by 2016-08-22

I think the game will have a look at this point that the government has failed 6th the game.

GoodPosted by Sudamani Ramalingam 2016-09-12

Good game good levels very easy to play I have gone through hard levels but I can finish it

Super fun and a great way to spend your time on a dreary day!!Posted by 2016-08-19

Wonderful game and storyline, fantastic and challenging too. Couldn't possibly be better!!

Awesome so goodPosted by godzilla 2016-10-16

So good love everything about it. Great theme song in the background can't stop singing it.

Angry BirdsPosted by Mr.Suavae Sims 2016-09-13

1 place i get to really enjoy the magnitude of the game and waiting ti get part 2 cracking

This is a great app!Posted by junemarasigan 2016-09-05

Keep up the good work Rovio! Oh, and for ad haters, just turn off your Wifi. It works! :D

Posted by 2016-08-28

very interesting game and I liked the only bird in this game is eagle very beautiful game

Too Posted by Donk3y_killg yeaurahfnnsmc 2016-08-23

This game is just so fun and awesome. This app is number 1 in my list of game's. Good job

Really the best...Posted by Aditya Bhatt 2016-08-18

It is awesome arcade game yet... And the most cool is its bird's sounds , I loved it.....

GREAT gamePosted by Tyler McHenry 2016-09-05

It's a great game. I tried it and loved it. And the graphics are great. I love the game.

Angrey BirdsPosted by serena Marsh 2016-09-01

I love angrey birds because its fun and boring st the same so! You dont get dishtracted.

Watch Out Piggies!!!Posted by Anna Schmange 2016-08-09

It goes to show just what can happen if you raid a bird's nest for their eggs! I love it

AwesomePosted by William Afton 2016-09-16

If you play LIKE TOY SOLDIERS by Eminem while playing this, it enhances the experience.

One of my favourite gamePosted by kishan chaudhary 2016-09-14

This is a great ,amazing and fantastic game. I loved it and I want to salute the game.

Fun and ChallengingPosted by Derrick Rushton 2016-09-02

This game is still as much fun and challenging as it was years ago when I first played.

AmazingPosted by 2016-08-26

Good casual game to play when you have nothing to do. Also is a really good time killer

Angry BirdsPosted by Teresa Sills 2016-08-24

I love this game. Very addictive. Different levels, different challenges. A lot of fun!

I know alreadyPosted by smielgal225 2016-08-09

Its installing just finish my mom had the app and I loved it till she got rid of it :o

Angry birdsPosted by 2016-09-07

I don't like the new version of getting the power up aiming device I like it without.

Best way to skip adsPosted by Yamu Prasad 2016-09-13

If u want 2 skip ads just turn the internet off.if it asks for internet, then on it!

Worth 10 starsPosted by Jonny Vos 2016-08-30

I hardly play it now but its one of those games i like to keep in my fav game folder

Time passPosted by Pranjal Kumawat Kumawat 2016-08-06

In free time ,then you Played for passing a time.This game graphics is so attractive

Long live angry birdsPosted by 2016-08-24

For a game that came out in 2009 it is still my most favorite game to this standard

It's greatPosted by Erandy Palacios 2016-08-14

It's a classic game. love it. It's great and I recommend this for everyone.....;-)

VinniePosted by mahesh chinni 2016-08-09

The birds which made the sound was really superb to listen really awesome thank Rio

Posted by Randy Jourden 2016-08-17

By far one of the best games ever even with all the new apps that have come out...

excellent gamePosted by Ridhik Karki 2016-10-15

it is so much fun to play this game it is too fun game m, It îs excellent

mind blowingPosted by Urmila Singh 2016-09-15

¢°×^¢℅{°¶¢℅ i am learning tukrishtr language....this is very difficult

Best Posted by 2016-08-31

How often do you get to shoot birds into the sky and destroy stuff while doing it

ANGRY B IRDSPosted by Kathy Tolley 2016-08-24

I have loved it since the day I started playing it!! Thank you for making it!!!!

I enjoyed the appPosted by Xavier Washington 2016-08-22

I am not familiar with the proper Angry Birds and Angry Birds2 I will be the best

GreatPosted by Tyrone Whiston 2016-08-24

Continues to work well. One of the most fun, addictive games I have ever played.

Very NicePosted by Rob Wallace 2016-08-09

It's addictive,Fun,and funny whoever made this is genius,oh and HAPPY SIXTH BDAY

ChallengingPosted by Ricki Lopez 2016-09-15

Some levels are easy, some you gotta think bout. All in all its a very fun game

Best game ever!Posted by TheGTA5KidGamer Quijada 2016-08-29

This is the best game ever! Thinks to this new update, I love this game now! =D

Angry BirdsPosted by Bruce Lucy 2016-08-16

This game will help your mind to aim and shoot with a marksmanship of a winner!

FunPosted by Rajeev Ranjan Sinha 2016-09-09

Whenever i get bored i just play this game( ・ั﹏・ั)( ・ั﹏・ั)

Angry Birds 2Posted by AnnaMarie Duttweiler 2016-09-07

Lots of fun.. Great to play.. Addictive... Gotta love them birds and piggies..

Good game nice graphicsPosted by jatt boyz singh 2016-09-15

It is my favourite game that I play too plese download this game for extra fun

angry birdsPosted by 2016-08-30

i love this game its such an awesome and really a wonderful and enjoyable game

:)Posted by Brenda Doyle 2016-08-26

Amazing but one thing please add the stuff from egg defenders into bad piggies

#1Posted by vignesh vin 2016-08-08

I can't express my love towards this game in words.It's Awesome and addictive.

How good the game isPosted by Geraldine Parker 2016-10-17

This game is good because if u keep trying you will get it and it is very fun.

Posted by Francisco Mercado 2016-08-15

I love playing angry birds,it's feel like you are inside the game,thanks you.

Awesome app and I love itPosted by Kishore Mannam 2016-08-13

How you invented this app we do no but you did a great job on this KEEP IT UP

Great game!Posted by Felipe Gallegos 2016-08-09

It's very addictive, easy at first but gets challenging later on. Great game!

Posted by Gary Smith 2016-09-15

This games is very spontaneous birds are very detailed. Very photosynthesis.

AwesssomePosted by Husna Tissa 2016-08-26

I really loves,diz game...its my favorite one I'm not boredem bcoz i hav diz

AwsomePosted by Erin Blair 2016-08-21

Love it sooooooooooooooooooo much it is so funny and fun I love the levels

Posted by King_Elvin 24 2016-09-08

I love angry birds I'm going to beat every game and I want to get sponsored

Awesome Job!Posted by Javier Munoz 2016-09-07

This is the best thing I ever played. Plus, Happy Birthday to Angry Birds!

Posted by SleepyBRO 2016-09-08

I love angry birds I'm going to beat every game and I want to get sponsored

Verry goodPosted by Shekhar Joshi 2016-09-05

I like so much this game ;-* please do any great work in different :-) :-)

Posted by A Google User 2016-08-24

Game is so fun! Physics are great and graphics are good. Funny sounds also.

Posted by saran prakash 2016-08-22

Angry birds Rio and seasons are we earn real money please change this also.

Bird is the word.Posted by Jess Whorton 2016-08-20

My 7 year old daughter & I both enjoy this game, we think it's awesome.

So much fun!!Posted by Mary Jane Brickner 2016-08-11

Angry birds FAVORITE 4 sure!!!!

Posted by Gabi Marton 2016-09-11

Spend too much time playing this game, I know, but I can't help myself.

XtremePosted by Renzo Fernandez 2016-08-29

This game is awesome.So many awesome levels I rate 5 keep up the good work

GoodPosted by Azar Khan Thakur 2016-08-21

I like it very much and I want that you have and need to download this app

Posted by A Google User 2016-10-17

Love the game good way to ignore the girlfriend when shes having a bad day

AdictivPosted by 2016-09-11

It is soo fun i cant wait tell i beat angry birds 1 and go on to number 2

I love it very muchPosted by Fenix Raja Singh 2016-09-13

Their are soo many adventures and new kind of powers to the "ANGRY BIRDS"

Update only for select devices?Posted by A Google User 2016-08-29

I have no new levels :-( Samsung Galaxy S. Is it only for select devices?

Posted by surendar karnati 2016-08-28

Looking at it again in case I have been sent using my personal experience

It's AWESOME!!Posted by Aaron Schlossberg 2016-08-25

It's really fun. Just got it on this phone. Brings back good memories...

Posted by 2016-08-15

this is a lot better than the old one was. I just love playing this game

Need more levelsPosted by 2016-08-07

I know this game is better but it could be better if you add more levels.

Awesome gamePosted by Iffat Navaid 2016-10-15

It is very addictive and very easy and please bring more angry bird games

Angry birdsPosted by 2016-10-17

It's so fun and guys did u know there's a secret level subscribe to know

Game loved itPosted by 2016-10-16

To be honest I really like this game.!! It's so cool and fun to play..

this is one of the best games i have ever playPosted by 2016-10-16

i love this game so much it keeps me occupied when i have nothing to do.

Addictive and fun Posted by Chyna Irvin 2016-09-07

I have always been a fan of Angry Birds, and this game never fails me.

Greatest game everPosted by ThatGirl Marie 2016-08-12

This is so fun I love the design gameplay and everything good job roivo

The HammerPosted by Joseph Henke 2016-08-11

I love this you don't get stuck on a level weeks on end like some games

Posted by 2016-09-16

If I could only choose one gaming app it would definitely be this one!

Best app ever!!!Posted by DelightfullyMe23 2016-09-04

Its fun active makes time go faster. If you didn't download you should

Playing againPosted by Harriet Povey 2016-09-02

I always play the game, finished it and I replay it a few months later

The best game ever!Posted by 2016-08-27

Physics... Learnt in a game in stead of school! Awesome! Like totally!

Excellent appPosted by 2016-08-20

The levels are amazing...and the mighty eagle is just...breathtaking..

Posted by Diana Krejci 2016-09-09

Hi people you got to play angry birds its sooooooooooooooo much fun

brilliantPosted by shuvam sar 2016-09-11

application of projectile motion concept....really good for time pass

Posted by Jakobe Painter 2016-09-02

I love this game but I'm up in levels that it's so hard and averaging

A ClassicPosted by Sean Strickland 2016-08-31

A great time waster! You can play in short bits and still have fun...

I love itPosted by amir hosein ahmadi 2016-08-17

I love this game, funny & great game for us, thank you develepors

AddictivePosted by Vic Vigil 2016-08-16

What can I say you can't put it down, at least for very long. Love it

SpectacularPosted by Josiah KAZILLEON 2016-08-08

When my baby brother first played this he loved it I love it too! ☺

FantasticPosted by Lakshit Shyam 2016-09-09

Great game . good graphics but its not that real please fix the game

Posted by Aaron Kenneth 2016-09-08

Very awesome..... Really enjoy it every time the whole franchise....

Posted by Nat Kelley 2016-09-15

Classics never go out of fashion. The game you'll always go back to.

It's awesomePosted by Jose Nogueras 2016-09-05

I like it because it has the Mighty Eagle from The Angry Birds movie

Awsome birdsPosted by Sakai Mackie 2016-09-02

For all that hate this game are stupid who does not like angry birds

900,000/900,000 IGNPosted by David Robinson 2016-08-30

This Game Just Got Better! Bigger Rating Of Stars! Stars:+++++++++++

Posted by XxAwesomegangstarXx succar 2016-08-27

I love this gaming because its just like dude perfect but way better

Super AwesomePosted by Clarence Kunene 2016-08-24

Nothing frustrates and relieves me like this game. Love it to bitsss

Good gamePosted by 2016-09-06

Nice games suitable for children and adults everyone should play it

hdgmPosted by 2016-08-27

in this game the awesome stages my family enjoy this game very much

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