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IF...Posted by _ Cherricongo _ 2016-08-19

Possibly the most awesome game ever. Very clever, addictive, and entertaining. EXCEPT... Those stupid #@$ banner ads pop up right when you are going to or right after launch so birds can't be seen or manipulated. Multiple 15 & 30 second ads after EVERY play. Pathetic. Place those #@$ banner ads after game play where they don't interfere & cut down on the big ads. Banners are enough. Excellent game and love it but right now it's an irritating make you want to just Bowl instead game. Totally sucks. FIX IT.

Angry BirdsPosted by Joan Spencer 2016-08-16

I really enjoy playing this game and admire the creativity that has gone into creating it. However I don't like the fact that recently I've starting frequently receiving messages that the program has to close and it gives me the option of reporting it. However it never explains what the problem is. Just a few minutes ago the program closed three times in about 5 minutes - very frustrating and sure hope the issue is resolved soon.

Pretty good but...Posted by Deanne Douglas 2016-10-17

It is very slow and is a bit annoying wish it was better. But still good ☺ I wish I could give it 3 stars but some one won,t let me. It is because there is this really stupid mighty legue thing it is so boring I hate it I just want normal angry birds and angry birds toons. Please get rid of this silly thing!

Endless fun with plenty of annoyancePosted by 2016-09-01

The ads are most definitely annoying but once I turn off the Wi-Fi or data, it's fine as no ads come up. I really enjoy releasing my frustrations on those lil piggy f***ers! The scope ad does seem to be the most persistent of all the ads but oh well.

Love the game.Posted by Kitty Greenleaf 2016-09-09

Wish I could get rid of the "mighty pain in the butt scope". You have to click out of it a lot. Should be able to activate it when YOU want to. You gave us that and now only give us a minimal amount of Shockwaves. Not quite fair.

Posted by Lela Garnett 2016-09-14

Don't mind the ads. Personally, I'm ok with the ads. I love using the scope and if I have to watch an ad or find something else to do for 20 seconds to get a powerup, then so be it. I still love this game!

Mighty scopePosted by Jojopictures Gaming Stars 2016-09-09

Why the freak is the stupid mighty scope thing keep popping up!? Sometimes the ads get in the way so I can't get rid of it! Just update the game already!!!! Please respond.

Where are other 3 in Golden Eggs?Posted by Sanjay Aswani 2016-08-18

Guys in golden eggs episode, please help in getting remaining Three eggs symbolised with a Qs mark, other with treasure chest and One with exclamation mark, please..

Fun Graphics.Posted by Kara Leigh Aghijlar 2016-10-15

Much like the original, this version has a background helper who starts and stops play actions. A bit on the swerve, this game likes to repeat, repeat, and repeat.

Too many adsPosted by Memento Mori 2016-08-21

I don't mind ads, but they place them right where it will mess up your shots. And its too easy to accidentally press on your shockwave birds. Great game though.

Great!but...Posted by Matej Bozic 2016-09-03

The popups are so annoying!they are stupid!i hate them!so if you could remove the popups rovio,i would rate this a perfect 5*!Love you and your games,rovio

Great gamePosted by Tyler Roche 2016-10-15

Great game, I remember when the original Angry Birds first came out. Usually when they remake games they get extremely stupid but this game is better.

Wish...Posted by Armando Mandito 2016-08-22

I would play longer but it made my phone freeze so I'ma have to reported as a device damage sorry just say my opinion it just do what I gotta do

Good game butPosted by 2016-08-20

Good game but sometimes the thing that you need to whatch a video it sometimes dose not pop up please fix that still it is a very good game ;)

good but not bestPosted by hiru akalanka 2016-08-31

this is a good game but not best. some games banania as a example is better than this.this game is boring sometimes.but a very good game.

Great! But...Posted by David Dillman 2016-09-09

Absolutely LOVE this game. But, for crying out loud, move that little electric bomb guy further from the restart button please!

It freezesPosted by Gonzalo Avila 2016-08-26

I've been playing for years, but now the game freezes every 5 minutes for a while and then keeps working... it's frustrating...

AwesomePosted by 2016-08-17

It is really addictive and I loved it. It good until you finish all the levels because you can finish the the game in 1 month.

Never become oldPosted by Bilal Ahmed 2016-08-06

This is all time fun game, I played it years ago when it was released but now it upgrade is interesting and become more fun...

Amazingly patheticPosted by Sinjin Smith 2016-09-09

There's more then wat any words could describe for this game! I <3 this game a while lot! Make more episodes please!

GoodPosted by Victoria Stimson 2016-08-28

It was ok you get who stars if you knock down the tower within two turns you should get 3 stars not one or two

Love the Game But..Posted by Parth Patel 2016-08-30

This game is super fun, but I'm not a fan of the mighty scope pop up for almost every level. Pretty annoying.

funPosted by Owen Hauschultz 2016-08-22

i liked it and when ppl complain about ads sure its annoying to have them but it wont kill you so grow up

Angry BirdsPosted by DaysOfPLUR 2016-08-14

Angry Birds Angry birds Angry Bird's Angry Angry Birds angry birds Angry Bird's Angry Birds Angry Bird's

Fun, hard when you get stuckPosted by Cherry Merian 2016-08-28

Wish there was a way to bypass a level or a hint to get past tricky levels. Been stuck for 2 weeks. :-(

It is a time wasterPosted by Eddie Montgomery county 2016-09-03

I wasted 5 hours playing it and i was wating for someone to pick me up its like a minute went by

No Anger!Posted by 2016-09-01

No getting angry in this game!! Works awesome! Love playing it...well built love all the levels.

No Anger!Posted by Kyla Leebody 2016-09-01

No getting angry in this game!! Works awesome! Love playing it...well built love all the levels.

To many addsPosted by SurfingDonut 2016-09-03

I wish I could give it a 5 but to many adds but I got to hand it to them it is a very fun game!

Probably one of the best games ever...Posted by Royal Nobody 2016-08-31

The game I've played for a very long time before i played on PC now i do on mobile n i love it

Posted by Shivani Prinja 2016-08-27

It's a realy smart game ,but it hangs sometime and don't starts again .please repair this game

Need more episodesPosted by The Mechanic Kid 2016-10-16

So it needs new episodes and new birds and more bosses than king pig and a custom bird button

Love it!Posted by Sheri Ramirez 2016-09-08

Love playing the game but enough with the target aim bird after each try! Gets irritating!

Posted by Ria Murphy 2016-08-27

Try turning off WiFi when playing. That is what I do to get rid of ads. Seems to help

ConnorPosted by 2016-08-17


Not the right genderPosted by 2016-10-16

I am a girl and i play games like this and i get teased on my bus for playing boy games

AwesomePosted by Angela Opper 2016-09-08

Great time waster and good for both my four and a half year old and my eleven year old

Severe sound problemPosted by Tanya Aquino 2016-08-31

Both of my phone's keep getting this sound bug . Besides that game is very fun.

Posted by Derek Sparks 2016-09-10

Allow me to buy the game so I do think have to see adds and I'll give 5 stars.

GreatPosted by Amanda FAULKNER 2016-08-10

Its great but i wish the birds were bigger in the levels so plz fix this plz

Posted by Gary Miller 2016-09-10

it's a really cool game to play and you don't have to have WiFi or internet

Pretty goodPosted by Wilbur King 2016-09-07

Lots of good levals and can get a bit boring sometimes but its good overall

Cool new levelsPosted by Alok Zef 2016-10-17

All new levels are good but some more improvement is needed for singing in.

Die piggiesPosted by Stephanie Nelson 2016-08-31

I love this game. Everytime I play it me and my son say die piggies die.

AddictingPosted by cheyenne peterson 2016-08-14

The levels are a good time killer and there are ads just not to many ads

Turning boringPosted by meet thakar 2016-10-15

A sticker book would go only this far in saving your dropping downloads.

AwesomenessPosted by 2016-08-22

I love this game. It is so much fun.♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♥♥♥♥

Great gamePosted by Alan King 2016-08-22

Great game fun and easy to play, gettting very grabby lately though...

WhyPosted by isaiah Garcia 2016-08-30

The mighty scope keeps bothering each level stop it for the 5th star

GoodPosted by 2016-08-11

It's a really cool game and I like the different levels on the game.

Its so coolPosted by GamingWithRick 05 2016-08-08

I like how its improved the levels its a really awsome game to play!

Posted by GinaTheGiraffe ' 2016-09-05

The mighty scope doesn't work. It just keeps nodding up and down

Posted by Sasko Velkoski 2016-08-06

It was better without mighty eagle. The older version was better

mighty leagePosted by Angelo Ricco 2016-08-20

I was at stone leuge then kicked me back to start im up set now

GreayPosted by Alfredo Perez 2016-08-15

It has taken me away from clash lol but is all good great game.

Fun while it lasted...Posted by Josie Vallejo 2016-08-06

I think it caused my phone to act up, but I did enjoy the game.

First Mobile Game, FunPosted by Miles Nguyen 2016-09-05

Very fun, but I think a level editor would make it cooler.

HackPosted by Ravinder Singh 2016-08-15

Easily hacked ...... I hate game which hacks easily .....

TimePosted by Abbey Shaffer 2016-08-29

It took a while to download but its a great time killer

Very loveable gamePosted by Hexi Decima 2016-09-10

Just play for like 3 minutes you will see what I mean.

This game is funPosted by 2016-08-21

But the red bird doesn't have a power up but its fair

Posted by Rohan Lawrence 2016-08-18

Pay to play is annoying is still addictive.

Md MohtashimPosted by Salim Shazadha 2016-08-15

I like this game so much and It is very relaxing game

Very Angry...Posted by Mike Murphy 2016-09-01

With the birds...don't fly where I want them to go!!

simply fun!Posted by Michael Dean 2016-09-13

only down side are the ads. careful where you tap!

Posted by Murugeswari M 2016-08-17

Love the game very much. But hate the ad intrusion

Good gamePosted by rishabh mavani 2016-09-02

It's really a good game but cannot save its data.

Great AppPosted by Noah Litwin 2016-08-25

This app is AMAZING!!! just it can be frustrating

So far it's goodPosted by julia nassar 2016-08-14

So far it's good! Just too many adds to play. :)

Love it!Posted by David Henry 2016-09-10

Fun time killer of a game . Angry Birds rocks!

The best games that is usePosted by suresh kumar 2016-09-06

The game is very super and really my favorite.

Awsome game... butPosted by Leticia Magagnotti 2016-08-20

I love it but it's just missing a level editor

The movie is forsed onto the game, rovio stop putting stuff from that horrible movie into the gamesPosted by Hands Channel 2016-08-10

Other than that it's angry birds so it's great

Superb time passPosted by Amrit Mishra 2016-08-08

O rheo suwar. Khinchwalo aur chaddo unke upar.

Posted by Margie Gilkey 2016-09-07

Great way to paas time when you're bored lol

Speed of loadingPosted by 2016-09-13

Can be improved , if happens will loved morr

Could be betterPosted by Keith Myers 2016-09-05

Could be better but is still a awesome game

adsPosted by Melinda Irwin 2016-08-14

theirs to many ads and it gets kinda boring

Posted by Rowena allen 2016-08-14

Fun and challenging i really like this game

Love itPosted by Anastasia Martinez 2016-08-11

You need to get it its perfect for everyone

SupperPosted by 2016-09-03

This is a very good game for kids and boya

Beat it.Posted by David McMeans 2016-08-10

I'm a boss at this game. Just beat it huh.

Posted by Alexander Earnhardt 2016-08-16

Cool but gets boring for me after a while

Very nichPosted by 2016-08-15

This game is very much and easy to play

Diggin itPosted by Jagamonsta Nelson 2016-08-13

I am digging this game. Pretty hardcore

Nice gamePosted by Atiq Abid 2016-08-11

five nights at Thomas's give me Alabama

Awfully awesomePosted by 2016-08-27

This game is really cool...I love it!!

AMAZINGPosted by siddharth kanodia 2016-08-27

It is a very good game and time killer

FunPosted by Mike Dixon 2016-08-21

Addictive with multiple levels of fun.

Bombastic !!Posted by Ritesh Kumar 2016-08-14

Liked it very much. Better than ever.

Have to keep reinstallingPosted by Charlene Martins 2016-10-16

Samsung doesn't play well with others.

Posted by Jalen Garcia 2016-08-28


Good gamePosted by I LOVE satria 2016-08-21

I love this angry funny fat bird game

ChallengingPosted by 2016-09-12

This game is too gd... I enjoy it...

Posted by Joe Shaw 2016-09-04

I love this game is to fun and funny

RovioPosted by HENRY NAMACHANJA 2016-09-04

Excellent for my kindergarten child.

AdsPosted by Abdoulaye Tarnagda 2016-09-02

It's good but I don't like these ads

Its okay.Posted by Knip 2016-08-23

You should add a level creator free.

Posted by Gordhan Rajpurohit 2016-08-09

This game is very nice and different

Posted by seema avasthi 2016-09-13

good game . my kids really liked it

Posted by John Kutrieb 2016-08-16

Great game but tooooooooo many adds

My first app game everPosted by Andres Sordo 2016-08-14

Addictive gameplay and simple story

It's okayPosted by Trishtin Miller 2016-08-13

just like all the other Angry Birds

Angry birdsPosted by Paulbrandy Galindojerez 2016-09-15

Fun for the whole family-friendly

Entertaining time killer!Posted by Julian Smart 2016-09-03

Fun to play but way too many ads!

It's pretty good.Posted by Chance Dunnington 2016-08-17

Hey, it's free so why not buy it?

Awesome game.Posted by AKHIL SHAIKH 2016-08-16

Good levels , challenging levels.

The only one of the best way for the latestPosted by 2016-09-06

I am looking for an experience d

Really awesome gamePosted by Anb8337 Anb8337 2016-08-27

Just like angry birds movie.....

Asmoe I guess?Posted by Lynn Bartlett 2016-08-18

Cool game because like fliga saw

Ability gazelle amazPosted by fatih kumcu 2016-10-16

Bbbbheudksyzt28 , and and I have

Good game and good fun!!!Posted by Dan Kroener 2016-09-15

Angry Birds. No more no less!!!

Posted by Vanshika Bhageria 2016-09-10

Nice game..!!.. interesting...

BEASTPosted by Anthony Dominguez 2016-08-31

This game is just so addicting

Posted by kelly roberts 2016-08-31

So far so good,still new to me

Posted by Crazy gamer HD 2016-08-20

Good game recemend you play it

PopPosted by 2016-08-13

Its very popular game in india

Posted by Mahima Gupta 2016-09-09

To many ads but awesome game!

I love itPosted by 2016-08-23

This brings back my childhood

Liked ItPosted by 2016-09-08

Only a few small ads.Not Bad

Posted by 2016-09-13

Thats so very unlished to me

FunPosted by 2016-08-18

It is a fun game. I love it.

Posted by Mark Partington 2016-10-16

Still classic, but less adds

Angrey birds rioPosted by Michelle Arzola 2016-08-10

Angrey birds fight bad pigs

Fun and addictingPosted by Rebecca Fitzpatrick 2016-08-07

Looking forward to updates.

Posted by Sharmila Shards 2016-09-14

Good game but not the best

Posted by supermegasonicfan 12 2016-09-04

An overall addicting game.

NnnPosted by nirmala chauhan 2016-09-01

BBC radio and we will not.

ABPosted by Hema Wadhwa 2016-09-01

Liked it a lottttt! !!!!!!

Posted by 2016-08-27

It's not bad it is assumed

Pretty goodPosted by Becki Ghattas 2016-08-24

Grandkids really enjoy it.

Posted by kevin pearson 2016-08-22

Very fun game! A good time

Angry birds adventures 600 levelsPosted by Nikki Ned 2016-08-14

Gives you something to do

So fun!!!Posted by 2016-08-11

No wonder people like this

GreatPosted by Yogeesh HM 2016-08-11

Became my one of favourite

Love itPosted by Vermel Harris 2016-08-22

Relaxation and addictive.

I like it okPosted by 2016-08-21

It's fun and cool to have

Angry birdsPosted by Dimondella Leadbetter 2016-08-07

It is OK its not the best

Like appPosted by Pardeep Kaur 2016-10-15

Nice and much better than

Like itPosted by Ujine Jeong 2016-09-08

Awesome game challengeng

Really addictivePosted by 2016-09-14

Subscribe to LuigiLOL360

Addiction 2 coolPosted by lefa brown 2016-08-21

I am addicted bra really

Posted by connor dolce 2016-08-16

I played this since 2011

SuperPosted by Arivazhagan thangaiyan 2016-09-14

It's wonderful game....

Posted by DEVATHA KRISHNA MOHAN 2016-09-12

Really funnn playing it

Good!?!?Posted by John Rausch 2016-09-05

Good & funny!¡¡??

Posted by Adam Gamer Nguyen 2016-09-03


Very Good GamePosted by gaurav gupta 2016-09-03

It is good for shooting

Posted by 2016-08-28

Better app just love ut

Posted by 2016-08-25

It'x butiful appx xtore

Posted by juventina Leon 2016-08-14

I really like this game

Great gamePosted by Carl Giambri 2016-08-10

Still a really fun game

Fun but difficultPosted by rigby 01 2016-09-01

It can drive you crazy

Not Bad Tho.Posted by Indian Fam 2016-08-31

Few Glitches Will Do !

EntertainingPosted by Marty Perez 2016-08-07

Keeps you on your toes

Angry birdsPosted by 2016-10-16

Very nice entertaining

Nice yaPosted by 2016-10-16

Yannama epadi panringa

Posted by Shweta Mahek 2016-09-10

Nice game... exciting

The Nostalgia is realPosted by Hell Chan 2016-08-23

The Nostlagia is real

I like itPosted by Ryann Romero 2016-10-17

What time. What time

Nice gamePosted by VISHW PRATAP SINGH 2016-08-26

But very hard levels

GoodPosted by teo parco 2017-01-11

My all time favorite

I like this gamePosted by Zeeshan Khan 2016-10-18

It's Very funny game

RashidPosted by 2016-09-16

Good game for babes

Posted by Khushboo Kharwar 2016-08-29

Best time pass game

Very nice gamePosted by Bashar alsaied 2016-08-15

لعبة ممتعة

Very goodPosted by shah hussain 2016-08-12

This app is best...

Sir sellusPosted by Sellus Powers 2016-08-07

Good good good game

Posted by Itsasad abbas 2016-08-06

That's a super Game

Posted by jothi uma 2016-09-12

Wonderful graphics

AnsleyPosted by Ansley Mannigan 2016-09-03

All time favourite

GoodPosted by 2016-08-28

Fantastic! !!!!!!"

Its OKPosted by Lydia P 2016-08-16

I like angry birds

ssPosted by 2016-08-16

it is a good game.

Good but too many adsPosted by Jakester gaming 2016-09-10

Best offline game

Two goodPosted by amir karunarathne 2016-09-03

This game is good

Posted by Bharadwaj Goud 2016-08-26

fine and awesome

FunnyPosted by 2016-08-15

Super angry birds

Not gonna liePosted by suvival killer 2016-09-08

It's pretty cool

HarisPosted by Saika Ch 2016-09-07

Its my favourite

Posted by Sachin Singha 2016-09-04

This game funny.

Posted by Bikram Roy 2016-09-02

I like this game

Angery birdsPosted by Willian Vynanek 2016-08-30

Birds & eggs

Angry birdssssssPosted by Miyanda Syakalima 2016-08-30

Angryyyyyy birds

Good.Posted by AZTEC'S PLAYGROUND 2016-08-26

It's a good app.

AddictivePosted by Cindy Engel 2016-08-21

Plucking love it

Posted by Laxmipriya Das 2016-08-20

Superb game!!!!!

GoodPosted by Bhagirath S 2016-08-18

Thanks good game

Love itPosted by Denzel Shrives 2016-08-14

Time driven game

Posted by Levi Hartley 2016-08-13

It's so much fun

Posted by Jennifer Harper 2016-10-16

A good mine game

Anger BirdsPosted by Willene Watson 2016-09-12

Angels great!!!

AwesomePosted by jgaming 890 2016-09-04

Awesome awesome

Luvvv ittPosted by kyle camilleri 2016-09-01

Gd gd gd and bd

I love angry birdsPosted by 2016-08-31


Posted by AnnabelleLndy CrosbyThyer 2016-08-28


Posted by Priya Poojari 2016-08-28

Awesome game !!

SuperbPosted by Nithin Kumar 2016-08-25

But not working

FunPosted by Whitney Masikati 2016-08-07

It is so fun :D

No need any movie charactersPosted by aadil salim 2016-09-11

Very good game

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