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Angry birds the mighty leaguePosted by Laurie Andrus 2016-09-15

I tried it and don't like it. Not my cup of tea. There isn't any challenge to it. I find it's more geared to the 10 years old and younger set. Not so much to the 70 year old set. Plus being called a sport? That's an insult to my delicate 70 year old ears! Sport is what you might call a small boy, not a grown woman. So! How's about some new levels for us "older"generations? I'm up for that. Are you?

Not as good as it once wasPosted by Astro Cog 2016-09-06

You know, Angry Birds used to be a really fun game. Unfortunately, it has gotten really gimmicky and intrusive over the years: more permissions, more ads, more micro-transactions, more silly unnecessary features. It's just not as fun as it used to be. These days ads and popups can cripple game play, and be relentless. I can say one thing: I never saw a macaroni ad in a Mario Bros game.

Too many adds.Posted by ed Cain 2016-08-31

Sometimes you'll have to wait for a add to go away before you can close another box asking if you'll watch a video in exchange for a temporary aim assist.... or sometimes without warning it will play a video for another game before you replay or play a different level.. Other than That it's great.

Posted by Jon Klein 2016-08-31

I only gave it a 3 because of all the ads. I love the app. and have repeatedly got 3 stars in all levels. I Uninstall and reinstall it again. I'm on my 12th time around. This last time it constantly gives the mighty scope. This is really ticking me off. Any way to turn it off?

It was okPosted by Kaitlin Hunt 2016-08-30

It's a great game and I'm sure it's achived on lots of levels but it's incredibly hard playing on a phone. Also way to many ads so when I press the X to get rid of ads it says ok then even more ads. But apart from those 2 issues it's a great game.thanks play bean

No wifi no problem! (False Advertisement)Posted by Joshua Winborn 2016-10-15

Bull.... On wifi plays flawlessly but turning it off meets you with impassable splash screen. I guess their ads can't make it into the game without internet. No ads=no game for you. Please stop the false advertisement or make good on the promises of offline play.

Great game but still has some bugsPosted by shawna stevens 2016-08-19

Our whole family loves playing this game and has for years. No matter how many times it gets deleted, there's always some version of it on the game phone. I personally enjoyed "Rio" and "Seasons" was a bit more challenging. Bugs or not, we'll keep downloading it

Love this game but am hating the new mighty scope popupPosted by Rebecca merritt 2016-08-23

This mighty scope pops up EVERY TIME you reset and when it started I am on a very difficult level. Rovio what were you thinking with this new update???? I rarely use helps and this is driving me crazy! How do I stop it?? I would otherwise give it 5 stars!

Awesome but takes batteryPosted by Evan TheGamer55 2016-08-22

This game is really fun but while my brother was playing, the percent of his phone was 83, then, 3 minutes later, it's 73. I love the game, but it takes battery too quickly, other games take battery yes, but not like this game.

Fun game, too heavy on adsPosted by 2016-09-02

The game itself is fun but two things ruin it- the constant push to watch videos to get "power ups" and the very strong feeling that the later parts of the game have been balanced to make them almost necessary.

Good game but...Posted by Stephen Brucculeri 2016-09-07

It is a good game but the Ads are ridiculous. There is a popup to watch a video but you cant close it because another ad blocks the x. It is annoying to be forced to watch a video because i cant close the ad

Simple but hard.Posted by Thomas Anderson 2016-08-27

I like the app's simplicity. It is fun to play. However, there are way too many adds and the new scope add pops up all the time, please make it stop. Also it is really challenging.

Great but oldPosted by Matthew Shockley 2016-09-07

This game was so good but know same levels over and over.i know theres a part 2 but this one is better AND NEEDS NEW LEVELS please.thanks rovio im sure you will jump right on it

Can be annoyingPosted by Lauren Stevenson 2016-09-09

It is a good game but the pop ups are annoying. Every time you play you get a pop up for 'the sight' and every 4 or 5 times you lose a level you have to watch these videos.

Please fix RovioPosted by Luigi Gaming 2016-08-14

ADS!! Should I say more?? Yes. Ads are ruining this game. Rovio, you need to get rid of those ads, or I have just wasted my time installing this ad-filled game!!

Ad Free?Posted by David Booher 2016-08-23

I paid to have an ad free game I have more ads now than I did before. All wanting to sell me powers and such for the game. It has become really annoying.

Angry at Angry birdsPosted by Gene Riggs 2016-08-12

Its almost impossible to win without buying extras and giving your credit card info. And it gets to a point where you can't win without buying something.

Your Change!!Posted by Steve Nasinec 2016-09-11

What's up with stupid "Eagle" that you expect us to get rid of or read before "EACH AND EVERY" shot. Had this game 5 years, till its gone, I'm done!!

Great gamePosted by Michael Morrison 2016-08-25

Fun game but there is a bug in reds angry feathers level 14. It only has 4 out of 5 pigs and won't let you get 3 stars. Would give 5 stars

Posted by John Smith 2016-08-15

WoW! That indie game that everybody is playing all the time and everybody has the film, plushes and toys! Nice! So indie, so alternative!

Not a bad gamePosted by Willis Fraley 2016-09-02

Immediately the advertisements start taking over the game Be a,fun game if you EVER GET TO PLAY IT!!!. Fun it makes you think.

Not bad bad, not great, but good.Posted by 2016-08-11

Some levels are hard to beat but none of them are impossible, If you have nothing else to do, this game is a good timewaster.

angry birdsPosted by 2016-08-12

it just needs to update the treasure chest prizes more frequently;they have too many identical items back to back

Game CrashPosted by Azmayeen Aftab 2016-08-13

When I play The Mighty League the game crashes instantly. It also crashes when I'm not playing The Mighty League

Stupid adsPosted by Steve Holland 2016-08-25

Love the game. Hate the pop-up ads. I know, turn off Wi-Fi and mobile data. Not worth it to play the game.

Posted by Abiah Alvi 2016-08-11

Love the game but the adds are annoying!! Please get rid of some I'd you want full star rating from me!

It's okPosted by 2016-08-15

Needs to show you where it's going instead of using up your power ups. But other than that it's alright.

OooPosted by John Lofthouse 2016-09-11

I know you get funded by ads but theres way too many to make this game enjoyable, i uninstalled,

Posted by Sharon Onsgard 2016-08-22

I love playing but am uninstalling because thi game freezes up all the time will try another one

DissapointedPosted by 2016-09-11

I got it before and its changed to movie characters instead of the original still a OK game

Great game,crap adsPosted by S.Michael Francis 2016-08-21

This game rocks, but the ads suck where is paid version so i do not have to watch crap ads.

READPosted by Leigh Dappa 2016-10-17

Fun at first but got boring. I have this on PS3 so I can't be bothered to do it all again.

Just stopPosted by the simple guys 55 2016-08-22

I'm sorry but I hate the new icon for most of angry birds because the movie was horrible

TOO MANY ADS!!?!Posted by advait pisal 2016-08-28

Please remove these ads.I would like if Rovio made these ads less.Please make less ads

Not as good as it once wasPosted by Josh Little 2016-08-25

Same game, but loaded with ad's. I don't want to watch a video for a scope every time.

Classic game butPosted by Jack Moore 2016-08-06

The ad intrusions are terrible, we really need an ad-free version that you pay for

It must stop!!!!Posted by Tamika Hurt 2016-08-31

There are too many ads. Every time I complete a stage. There is a ad popping up.

Posted by Siddhant Ketkar 2016-08-15

many ads that interrupt my playtime if there were no ads i would give 5 stars

Posted by Mafika Seitiso 2016-09-04

Its hard to get power ups here would have been better with less flipping ads

Angry birds.Posted by AddisTheGamerHD / AddisD 2016-08-19

Detta spel äger. Jag älskar detta spel så du måste bara ladda ner detta.

Its coolPosted by Fernando Valle 2016-09-02

Uts the same old angry birds.But who does'nt like the old angry birds!

Ayush SharmaPosted by peeyush sharma 2016-08-20

It is a good game and very good game because its graphics was awesome

Nice gamesPosted by 2016-09-14

It is a very funny games !! I feel joy to play this game!! Fantastic

Best gamePosted by Shanty Biju 2016-10-16

This is the best game I ever had played very thrilling experience

Crash after ads appearedPosted by Ferga Dipa 2016-09-12

The screen did not continue show the game, only hear the song

Love the game but no supportPosted by DALLAS CALDWELL 2016-09-09

Game wouldn't load after hours of playing. Had to uninstall.

sadly GamePosted by ray alarcon 2016-10-16

i failed the eagle Levels. i am the last player in the game.

FinPosted by david davila 2016-08-28

Fun but the angry birds look weird play bad pigies its fun

Great gamePosted by Jason Lavelle 2016-08-20

Love the game but the amount of video adds are ridiculous.

MehPosted by Angel Briseno 2016-09-10

It's really fun but I really like the classic angry birds

Ads galorePosted by Theresa Casarotto-Kluzak 2016-08-25

Still love the game but excessive ads mar the experience.

Ads ads adsPosted by M L 2016-09-07

So many ads it becomes less fun to play. Continuous ads

OkPosted by Douglas Hardiman 2016-08-28

It's not really great but it is really fun to play with

Awesome gamePosted by Hemant Gupta 2016-09-12

Nice levels but they should give hints for golden eggs

Posted by Muhel Ahmed 2016-08-28

Love the game but keeps crashing please fix it!!!!!

But sometimes its showsPosted by 2016-08-21

Unfortunately angry birds is stopped please help

Posted by David Johnson 2016-08-28

Downgraded after upgrade with more ads not good

Posted by stephanie merrida grant 2016-09-10

I love it and I love flinging birdes at pigs

Posted by judy hernandez 2016-08-28

Too many adds. But the game itself is fun!!!

To much videosPosted by Zoey Kihara 2016-08-29

It has to much videos but it is a nice game

AnoyingPosted by Ethan The Jock 2016-09-02

Always has one add making an anoying noise

I'm still on part 3 and itsPosted by bestepicbattlefan 2007 2016-08-07

Hard there ARE to many adds but great game

Angry birdsPosted by Sydney Ebora 2016-09-11

I like it but it is many ads in this game

Not badPosted by Owen Midcraft 2016-10-17

It is very lagi and I cant get to play it

Posted by nani kantheti 2016-09-08

giving trable while playing with veedios

It's a good game but I will give 3 stars just for nowPosted by Maria Velasquez 2016-09-13

And good make a better game of the world

Posted by nani kanthetif 2016-09-08

giving trable while playing with veedios

Posted by 2016-09-05

I liked it better when it first came out

It's good but not the samePosted by Ninja_Ghost_BO3 2016-08-22

I liked it better when it first came out

Too many adsPosted by Jae Ellis 2016-08-21

Get rid of these ads please its annoying

I love playing i just dont like the addsPosted by Cardoso Cardoso 2016-10-17

I love playing i just dont like the adds

it hangs. onPosted by Rick M 2016-09-04

it hangs on my lava v5 when viewing ads

I think it's oldPosted by Julian G 2016-08-08

It's fun and easy but it's a old game

Angry birdsPosted by Lumkelo Hlophe 2016-09-10

I would just say it it's a cool game

ANDREA ROSEI P. CURA ♡PEARLPosted by mark myco reyes 2016-09-04


JyothihemaPosted by 2016-08-30

A very nice game I have never play

Posted by Manonmani R 2016-08-25

Too many adds even I can not play

GoodPosted by Amrit Singh 2016-09-04

But some timrs it not responding

Little boringPosted by 2016-09-03

It is boring from the older game

Posted by 2016-09-06

Nice game for kids not for usss

BoringPosted by Sergio Olea 2016-08-30

It's alright but it gets boring

Posted by Sachindra Meshram 2016-08-16

Game is only good not very good

Posted by Meghana Tatti 2016-08-07

Suuperr machi arre superb machi

Posted by sherin driker 2016-10-17

Interesting but distbed with AD

Angry birdsPosted by 2016-09-08

This is so beautiful and nice

Angry birdsPosted by Diether Dela Cruz 2016-09-08

This is so beautiful and nice

1 shot 1 killPosted by Jacob Hughes 2016-09-01

Die piggies birds be the best

It's okPosted by Fifi Vaughan 2016-08-20

I like the second one better

Good game..but...Posted by DEBASISH DEB 2016-08-12

not like as angry bird Rio

Great job.Posted by Rebecca Pradhan 2016-08-30

It is good for having fun

Loved this gamePosted by MIR SADEQ ALI KHAN 2016-08-27

Always kids. Loved birds

Posted by Edgar Villalobos 2016-08-22

Too meny adds... not cool

Its okPosted by Aleena Mathew 2016-08-07

Little be OK on next time

Posted by JESSICA TAPIA 2016-10-16

The same one as last time

Posted by 2016-08-25

The birds are very angry

Angry BirdsPosted by Beverly Blount 2016-09-09

Like playing the game.

Gets boring after timePosted by HB Prince7 2016-09-14

Make some improvements

CoooolPosted by Zionna Canell 2016-09-04

The controls are weird

TitPosted by 2016-08-28

Help with this list, I

Posted by Retro Aspie 2016-08-17

Not number one anymore

CoolPosted by Sophia Nickerson 2016-08-09

It's my favorite game

Not connecting with Google play games?Posted by mushiyada noor 2016-09-09

Help me to connect it

To many adsPosted by narayanasamyraghu raman 2016-10-15

Please reduce the ads

BooredPosted by Rakshita Hippargi 2016-09-09

Only 1step is there

Imam Hp2Posted by Imam Budiono 2016-08-28

Wf qcfdc imam Hp2

VhyPosted by Sifiwe Feston 2016-09-05

Buh bhj tn ub fu b

Posted by Rahul aswani 2016-09-01

Jada mb hai gm per

Posted by Probir Kumar Biswas 2016-08-31

Nice game for kids

GoodPosted by Rakesh Sharma 2016-08-09

Ok but not so good

Posted by Jon Edwards 2016-09-07

Distracting ads!

Good gamePosted by Tom Armstrong 2016-09-04

Way too many ads

TabPosted by Anna Mercado 2016-09-02

.vdhcdfbh cfbsff

Posted by Angelique 2016-08-25

Too much adverts

Posted by 2016-08-26

Isaiah Gonzalez

Posted by Mansuri Moen 2016-08-13

I like it games

Posted by Broganox Lambert 2016-08-09

I don't anymore

SuperbPosted by 2016-09-06

Nice gamez....

Posted by James Synmbod Oriel 2016-09-12

I just love it

I like to watch often.Posted by Govindarajan Veeraraghavan 2016-09-11

Good timeless.

GamesPosted by dinesh deshmukh 2016-09-04

But not faster

Posted by Julie Herd 2016-08-13

Its OK I guess

Posted by Sarfaraj Ahamad 2016-09-03

saddam Husain

Angry Birds G900Posted by 2016-09-11

Thanks for t

LovePosted by Vishal Sinha 2016-09-03

Lovely game.

Posted by Muhammad Ayyan 2016-08-12

Nice game...

Posted by Jeanine Sullivan 2016-09-10

Angry birds

Posted by Ansh Dayal 2016-08-14

Angry birds

Angry birdPosted by Santript gupta 2016-08-25

Good movie

Angry BirdsPosted by Derick Walker 2016-08-07

Good game.

Its okPosted by marilyn angeles 2016-09-01

Easy game

Posted by Md Shaifuddin 2016-08-29

I like it

GoodPosted by Michael Bauer 2016-08-28

Good good

it's OKPosted by Raht Rayt 2016-08-17


Get rid of these adsPosted by Timothy Herrera 2016-10-17


angeriPosted by Mehdi Rasool 2016-10-17


Posted by Rishita Maravi 2016-08-28

Good one

Posted by Ishita Shuklaaa 2016-08-14

Its nice

GoodPosted by 2016-09-11

Good OK

Posted by Narendra Gavel 2016-09-14

It's ok

Posted by Santosh Kumar Senapati 2016-09-12


PopPosted by Diana Garcia 2016-09-05


Dragon empirePosted by Seema Mulvi 2016-09-02

Not bad

It' OKPosted by Chris Landos 2016-09-01

it's OK

It's OKPosted by Siobhan Laird 2016-08-25

It's OK

AwesomePosted by Rakesh Kakati 2016-10-16


I like itPosted by Dubai shopping 2016-09-09


nicePosted by SARATH K 2016-09-10


Posted by 2016-08-28


GoodPosted by Md Azhar 2016-08-11


HahaPosted by Henry Doyle 2016-08-11


AwesomePosted by DazzMStarAlot Bogsangit 2016-09-11


Posted by Vishal Kumar 2016-09-12


MaghasriPosted by senthil kumar 2016-09-12


GreatPosted by Jaydeep Sawant 2016-09-12


Posted by chetan pratap 2016-09-11


Posted by Kaushik Singha 2016-09-02


Posted by Arindam Tewary 2016-08-31


Posted by Kavinder Baliyan 2016-08-28


Posted by Danish Haikal 2016-08-22


AddictivePosted by Amit ranjan 2016-10-15


GoodPosted by vinay soni 2016-10-15


nicePosted by Tomo muharjo 2016-09-05


Posted by Vidyasagar Deshpande 2016-09-05


Posted by Catmaster YT 2016-08-27


Posted by Mazin Bishara 2016-08-26


Posted by Sajin. M.S.ramdev. 2016-08-25


MmkPosted by Chelsea Robinson 2016-08-19


WowPosted by Mario Lopez 2016-08-14


Posted by Akash Khanekar 2016-09-03


Posted by michael johnson 2016-10-18


Ok! Ok!Posted by Sandeep Sandeep 2016-10-15


Posted by meenakshi sada 2017-07-30

Best game ever played!

Posted by broken Heart 2017-07-30


Posted by Prashant kumar 2017-07-30


Posted by Shravan Rajak 2017-07-29

Angry time

Posted by Phoolsay Sahu 2017-07-29

Good Good

Posted by BigQ The Gaming 2017-07-29

It has no sound

Posted by ujjwal goel 2017-07-29

Very funny.

Posted by Marwan Mahmoud 2017-07-29

Nice but same old and complicated gameplay.

Posted by Vaughn Rushton 2017-07-29

Uninstalled because of ads

Posted by RICKY510 2017-07-28

This game never dies

Posted by Laltu Ghosh 2017-07-28


Posted by Salman Shaikh 2017-07-28

Intresting game

Posted by Imani Davis 2017-07-28

It's good

Posted by Alexandra Kennedy 2017-07-28

It's a fun game, but the mighty league ALWAYS freezes up on me, which is super annoying because it will use one of my tickets without me even getting a chance to play. Please fix

Posted by Hamza Mahfooz 2017-07-28

Its ok for time pass

Posted by Nur Izzati 2017-07-28


Posted by Abdul Aziz 2017-07-28

Good game

Posted by kai Kevitt 2017-07-27

It's ok

Posted by Pratham Ray 2017-07-27


Posted by 2017-07-27

Bests games

Posted by 2017-07-27

Its too hated app guys pls dont download it

Posted by Vasileios Xylomenos 2017-07-26

New update !

Posted by June Cole 2017-07-26

I enjoy the game but every time I got to a certain part in the first level the game would freeze up, if that was fixed I'd give a better rating

Good game.Posted by manish dhomne 2017-07-26

Good job

Posted by Meera Upadhyay 2017-07-26

I think I liked it

Posted by Jaydan Ar'nez Mckenzie 2017-07-25

It's okay

Posted by A Google User 2017-07-25

Like this a lot. Crashes at least once a day. May be a problem.

Posted by ABDUL RAFAY 2017-07-25


Posted by CAROL SMITH 2017-07-25

The game now has a lot of complaints, you have never fixed all your problems regarding them.. also for a free game you sure do charge a lot to get ahead ???... It is sad to see such an iconic game implode ! Either get rid of your current "download" or fix the numerous problems with it.

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