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I don't even mind ads in free gamesPosted by Katie Leigh 2016-08-29

But the "offers" to watch them to get things are really annoying. I don't want to watch an ad to get scope, I hate using scope. And if I reject it, it keeps coming back every time you play any level. Sometimes I'll watch it then quit playing for ten minutes, then the offer shows up AGAIN. And if I do use scope, I don't need the animation of the effect literally every time I play a level. It's unnecessary

Too many adsPosted by Jimmy Ramsey 2016-08-07

I love Angry Birds game and I can handle the small advertisement at top if the screen that sometimes gets in the way of your aim, but every two to three plays you have to sit and watch an advertisement. It is too annoying. I deleted the software from my phone. If the parent company can find a better way to make money I'll resownload the app but until then they have lost another player.

Posted by Patrick Matthews 2016-09-09

It only gets worse. AB used to be my go-to downtime pastime... I enjoyed and looked forward to its addictive play. Now it blasts me with that stupid eagle before every round, and if I actually watch the ad to stop it, I'm stuck with the totally unwanted aiming device, can't turn it off. Turns me off, now not playing anymore. Rovio, you've cooked your golden goose.

Too many extrasPosted by Faerie Thompson 2016-08-31

I first played Angry Birds on my Nook Color. I loved it. Was happy to pay for it. I hate the android version with the constant pop-up to watch a film for a boost. I don't want the boost. I can live with ads but I'd rather just buy it outright. It's the constant in your face plea to get something I don't want that has led me to uninstall.

Best ever mobile game, ruinedPosted by Martin W 2016-09-06

The latest pop ups in this have totally ruined an excellent game. Particularly the one forcing you to watch a video to get the sight radar. Gah! So frustrating. I would be more than happy to pay a few pounds for a clean version with no advertisements, but there is no option to do so!

Too many advertisementsPosted by Chris Garcia 2016-08-28

I played this game in the begging and loved it. Stopped for a long time and tried to replay it. I can't play the game. Every other second there is a new add and it makes the game unplayable. Too bad really. I used to really enjoy this game.

All ads, little play.Posted by Brian Ertley 2016-08-30

I do like the game, but I find, like many others, the ads to be overwhelming. sometimes the ads cover up the x on the " watch a video to.." pop up. I played two levels and saw 4 pop-ups, 1 banner ad, and a video ad. No thanks.

Way too many ads!!Posted by Daniel Curtiss 2016-08-25

I had ads popping up over the top of each other and blocking out the x to exit the ad and then it asks you every level or restart to watch another ad to use the stupid scope thing which I don't want to use in the first place!!

Fallen from gracePosted by Adahy Lewis 2016-08-28

Too much of a corporate game now. External advertisements mixed with Angry Birds ads (watch this video and get this item) instead of just the classic stuff. I hate this pay-to-win crap mobile game makers are going to.

You used to be cool...Posted by Tom Museth 2016-08-26

... And then some genius decided to stuff your top little game with ads that obscure game elements, videos between every level, and endless aggressive pop ups. Remember when this game was about firing birds at pigs?

Posted by sadie scballejo0807 2016-08-26

its not giving me my points when i do it between the time.. ive used some of the special abilities and they dont work.. i did these levels to gain special abilities and never got any.. its glitchy.. needs fixing

Dislike constant ads after paying for no adsPosted by Don Sherwood 2016-08-16

Fun to play and challenging. Great way to kill time when there is absolutely nothing better to do. But, Ads are incorporated into the game at every transition and cannot be avoided, even after paying for no ads.

Too many adsPosted by cjp y2j 2016-09-07

Only like 3 levels in and already annoyed by being bothered with the eagle video between levels, an ad in the top right corner so I can't close the eagle video ad, then a 30 second video ad. Uninstall!

WAY TOO MANY ADDS!Posted by Alyssa Jaha 2016-09-07

I used to love this game when it first came out but now there are so many pop ups and adds that it gets super frustrating! It would be nice to get through 1 level without the annoying interruptions.

Posted by A Google User 2016-08-31

In 2010 i wrote: "The best game I have truly in a class of its own I cannot believe it is free Awesome" NOW THE ADS, ARE RIDICULOUS MAKING YOU WATCH CRAPPY VIDEOS 5 STAR TO 2 STARS

Great game,but...Posted by Piotr Trojanowski 2016-09-12

I can't do anything without mighty eagle or free adwert... is anyone know how to remove adwert from the game ? Or maybe rovio don't care that people don't enjoy the game anymore...

Okay...Posted by Adam Cross 2016-08-18

It's a fun game but can get a bit stale. Also there's no exit button. Update: I made a Rovio account and now all my progress is lost. Nice work, got from 3 stars to 2 stars.

Posted by robert emory 2016-10-16

I love this game, but the number of ads in this version is simply obscene, I don't think I can bear to play it. Quite a shame, because it is one of my favorites otherwise.

Loved it originally- now totally fed upPosted by Xauen Zirpolo 2016-08-26

The intrusive ads were bad enough. Now this 'Mighty Scope' popup EVERY time I do a level? I've had this app since it first came out, and I'm now uninstalling. Sick of it.

Can't installPosted by 2016-08-16

Can't install on Android phone or tablet. Both Samsung. Is there a known issue? Bummed. :( (It hangs on the download bar, and never gets to asking for permissions)

BadPosted by Keith Parkes 2016-08-10

Its bad because Adds come up boo.Some of the birds are useless though like white birds exploding egg it sometimes misses.and one final thing ANNOYING!!!!!!

Great gamePosted by Cindy Anderson 2016-10-15

I downloaded this game for my great-grandson but now is having problems loading when he wants to play so could you please fix it thank you very much Cindy

Not orginal anymorePosted by ryan cuomo 2016-08-28

Now it's all about the angry birds movie I dident even like it and I'm only 10 years old so rovio please change it back to the original angry birds

Ads Ads Ads!Posted by Jordan Hatfield 2016-08-26

Used to love this game until it's been overrun with ads nonstop! I can't just play the game no, I have to also play close the ads and questions !!

Only playable in airplane modePosted by Rene Veerman 2016-10-17

Great game when played in airplane mode. Unplayable when connected due to oppressive number of ads. Damages the Angry Birds brand.

Ads!!!Posted by The Emerald Elytra 2016-08-07

Every time I want to watch a video a darn ad pops up of the same McDonald's and secret life of pets. Decrease the amount of Ad's

Posted by Carol Vannoy 2016-09-04

I connected to facebook to get 5 extra league tickets and it erased ALL MY PROGRESS on my tablet!!!!!! I am so ticked right now

Frustrating appPosted by Chris Petrousky 2016-08-09

Older version was better. Not very responsive on my tablet. Ads are hard to X out off and very intrusive.

Too many adsPosted by Siberian Husky 2016-10-16

Cool game but the Ads are every 10 seconds and too annoying; the worst I've seen. I have to remove it

Angry birdsPosted by Alexsia Papas 2016-09-11

Angry birds are called like that Beacause they are away's angry of those green pigs.andbthey are birds

BadPosted by Charlotte Sawford 2016-09-13

I like the game a bit but the ads! There are SO SO SO many of them! Don't get this game im serious

Too many ADS!Posted by jessica payne 2016-08-29

I played this game when it was new and loved it. Now there are so many bloody ads its ridiculous.

Adverts everywherePosted by Tristan Barker 2016-08-25

I paid so that I wouldn't get adverts and they still put pop ups all over the place. I hate that!

Ads ads adsPosted by Rebecca Stockhill 2016-09-13

Great fun game for my 4 year old but ads every minute or so. Very tiresome for everyone. Shame

Posted by Martha Arciga 2016-09-09

Wut us up with all these ads like every other game an ad pops up can enjoy the damn game

Overkill on Pop Up AdsPosted by Wild Card 2016-08-24

I understand you have to advertise, but that pop up before every level is OBNOXIOUS

Too many adsPosted by Steve Church 2016-10-15

I get that you want to make money, but come on, the amount of ads is ridiculous.

MehPosted by Michael Trollope 2016-08-16

Nothing to brag about. Average game. Too many advertisements. Not impressed.

Ads,ads,adsPosted by PC McGregor 2016-08-06

Nothing but ads, hard to play without accidentally clicking out of the game

Too many adsPosted by Mike Ikasalo 2016-09-05

This game used to be a lot of fun but now there's way way way too many ads!

FeedbackPosted by Darren Tiew 2016-08-30

Please remove all the advertisement, it is so annoying and making me mad.

Mighty Scope Pop upPosted by Suzanne M 2016-08-23

Take the Mighty Scope Pop up away. It's very annoying after every turn.

Too many adds!Posted by Devon Tennison 2016-09-02

Seriously I know you have to make money somehow but this is ridiculous.

Good gamePosted by Funzi Timekido 2016-08-29

It's a good game except for the stupid mighty scope ad that appears!!

not d samePosted by Liam Sheridan 2016-08-10

I don't like it because it add a bunch of crap and it is not d same

Couldn’t take it!Posted by Ed Malone 2016-10-16

WAAAAYYY too many ads, played about 30 minutes and uninstalled!

Angery birdsPosted by Christian Cannady 2016-09-13

This one is nothing like angry birds 2 this one looks old

Posted by Curtis McDermid 2016-09-12

To simple to bother with overwhelming advertisements.

It's slowPosted by Susan Martin Tebbetts 2016-08-26

Too many ads and pop ups for videos and other games.

Way too many adsPosted by Eddy Afram 2016-09-03

This game has too many ads. Not as great as before.

Full of entertainmentPosted by sobia abbas 2016-09-05

I love this game,,,it is full of entertainment...

It was fun untilPosted by ryan entwistle 2016-08-23

It just turned into the worst freemium app ever

Too many adsPosted by Nishant Sharma 2016-08-06

Nice game but too many ads... Uninstalled...

I need the birds body from the moviePosted by Mathew 2016-09-03

That's what's i like and i need 3d graphics

Too many adsPosted by John Carboch 2016-10-16

Ads twice per level. You need to pay me.

Very badPosted by 2016-09-10

It is not downloading it is stuck on 92%

This app takes long to dowloadPosted by Caveina Clarke 2016-08-18

But it is really fun to play I like it

GamePosted by John Ellis 2016-09-15

Game is good. Ads are ridiculous!!!!

Posted by 2016-09-01

This is a challenging game I love it

Far too many adsPosted by Jon Pennington 2016-08-07

Ads are too disruptive to enjoy game

Posted by 2016-09-10

They tall only me again & again

Not like older versionPosted by Spirit Baker 2016-09-10

Too many ads, pop-ups and glitchy

BoringPosted by Manuchipfiko Chipfiko 2016-08-12

You can never get the mighty bird

Posted by Pawan Kumar 2016-08-31

It's a great and fabulous game

Too many games ComercialPosted by Franklyn Ordonez 2016-08-31

To many other games Comercials

Where is angry birds blastPosted by Sharone Corbin 2016-08-30

I can't find angry birds blast

BocktPosted by Vitalij Hohlov 2016-08-21

Nicht.Aber der Film ist geil.

Posted by Tyler Preece-Evans 2016-09-10

I want the old version back

What the CrapPosted by Leon Hallal 2016-08-25


Angry birdsPosted by Noel Jhan Caliva 2016-09-14

Wen ta awan ay-ayam ko

Too many addsPosted by 2016-08-30

Nice but many adds

Posted by Ezra Connors 2016-08-18


badPosted by Dona Gupta 2016-08-23

I hate it so much

Posted by Mike Trobaugh 2016-08-17

Too Damn many ads

Posted by 2016-09-03

Don't angry me

So nicePosted by ashish korde 2016-09-09

It is beautiful

Posted by Thissa Piris 2016-09-10

Www potelsaxy

Posted by Mickey Green 2016-08-23

Too many adds

Posted by John Ayling 2016-08-21

Too many adds

Soooo many ads!! F%$k off with the other stuff and let me play the gamePosted by Mitch Braini 2016-09-11

P155 off ads

Posted by Dennis Newby 2016-08-11

Too many ads

Posted by sasi kala 2016-08-12

Let's rock

1winePosted by 2016-09-09


Posted by 2016-09-01


Posted by Samantha Abeyesundere 2016-08-27

I hate it

Posted by Kumar Shreyash 2016-08-07

Good game

OwlPosted by vikas gupta 2016-09-10


Posted by Chandler Edwards 2016-09-06

Ads suck

eltitPosted by 2016-08-17

End enod

AwesomePosted by Pranit Kumar 2016-09-03


EkberPosted by 2016-08-30


Posted by 2016-09-10


Its very good but its little hardPosted by Mircomaxd303 Mircomaxd303 2016-09-08


Posted by Yogesh Aryal 2016-08-27


Posted by Birender Singh 2016-08-06


Posted by Manjit Singh Thind 2016-08-06


Wont openPosted by Danny Morris 2016-09-05


TriPosted by 2016-08-17


AbcPosted by Kavitha Ravula 2016-08-07


XssPosted by Earl Vincent Flores 2016-08-23


HePosted by Pramod Sarode 2016-08-31


Posted by Sajjad Chandio 2016-09-16


Posted by Nathan Wilson 2016-10-15


Posted by leaf 4 2017-07-29

Constantly loosing connection,thus im loosing my chance to earn coins via adds n,sometimes, there is a glitch.Tapping on "watch add to earn 10mins catapult" does not work but halts the level i'm playing. Performance is inconsistent, where there are obvious microstutters.

Posted by 2017-07-29

I think that this app needs to be more easy in the first few levels for beginners

Posted by Zawahir Ahamed 2017-07-28

Not a good game

Posted by 2017-07-27

I hate this game veryyyy boring game it is

Posted by Yogesh Meena 2017-07-27


Posted by Mamta Pareek 2017-07-26

Posted by Aiden Getto 2017-07-25

The real angry birds is so much better. This is new update is horrible. Can you please bring back the real angry birds

Posted by Gwen Williams 2017-07-25

Real hot trash

Posted by Alex Captain 2017-07-24

Not bad, but too much adds

Posted by Amyntor 2017-07-23

Used to be great but the new updates have ruined it

Posted by Dava Rashad satria 2017-07-22

ROVIO ENTERTAINMENT why would you want to [email protected]#k up and shut down toons tv i can't even afford to watch them on youtube i can't live without videos from now on i will be an Angry Birds hater and you all suck please reply

Posted by 2017-07-19

I lost all my progress on playing this game. I spent 1000 coins on the black bird and I lost it all after a few hours! I did not get my coins refunded nor my power ups! This game will just waste your time and what you worked so hard at. Not only that, the dumb verify button wasted my time too. I pressed the verify button and it keeps on saying that my link is expired. I don't get it!

Posted by Alwin Vincent 2017-07-19

Game!!!! Really???

Posted by Monika Jaiswal 2017-07-19


Posted by 2017-07-17

Shanto habib

Posted by Brian Heasman 2017-07-17

Totally spoilt by advertising. It can consume a lot of your data allowance downloading adverts. Adverts totally disrupt the flow of the game. It was possible in the past to buy an advert free version.

Posted by Jeremy Miller 2017-07-17

Great game for a 4 year-old

Posted by 2017-07-15

Mostly deleted it because it has to many adds.

Posted by Maui Waui 2017-07-14

Great game... But the adds got boring pretty quick... I see no way to disable the adds... Uninstall...

Posted by karl irvine 2017-07-13

The game keep stopping

Posted by Sheila Demple 2017-07-12


Posted by Alex Pyne 2017-07-12

Not good at all

Posted by 2017-07-12

I it is very someone

Posted by Jeff Santner 2017-07-11

Too many ads now. Can't even play the game anymore. Uninstalling.

Posted by Erica Frateschi 2017-07-11

Keeps crashing. It crashes when I use a ticket to play the eagle & essentially lose the ticket. Why should I keep playing? Glad I never spent money then. Was better years ago. Now its a headach. The number of ads is also a bit much.

Posted by A Google User 2017-07-11

I'm tired of not being able to use what I paid for I've talked to customer support after a week finally got it but now it's gone so is the game thanks

Posted by SkyTech Gaming 2017-07-11

Lag lag lag and guess what ? LAG!!!!!!!!! god I mean I have been forced out of the game 5 times from playing in the league

Posted by Kim Decato 2017-07-11

This game was great when it first came out... you could even go ad free. Now, I am lucky to play four or five rounds before the game freezes and the ads are annoying.

Posted by Elizabeth Ashley 2017-07-10

Would five stars if game didn't close out all the time. Then you lose your tickets not fair

Posted by Bill Garms 2017-07-10

Used to be a great game now over loaded with ads, runs slow and crashes a lot.

Posted by Brandon Fra 2017-07-09

3 stars are almost impossible without power-up's

Posted by A Google User 2017-07-09

Lags an incredible amount because of SO MANY ADS!

Posted by Avishkar Suryawanshi 2017-07-08


Posted by Jon Nojez 2017-07-08

Too much add.. so disturbing

Posted by 2017-07-08


Posted by 2017-07-07

waste don't instal this game

Posted by P.k Channel 2017-07-06

Gauze i love this game. This game controller is a verry. Greaat

Posted by Samantha B. 2017-07-06


Posted by 7H30NE 2017-07-06


Posted by A Google User 2017-07-06

worst than before.........

Posted by Debra Quinn 2017-07-05

I couldn't get the game to open

Posted by Scott Evans 2017-07-04

Good game ruined by forced ads, what is it with game makers, give us the choice to pay for no ads, game uninstalled.

Posted by Adam Webb 2017-07-04

I understand free games need to have ads but after every level within the egg defender episode is too much! I really don't care that Barry never left school but then got a job in social care nor do I need an annoyingly voiced American telling me about bit coins. Uninstalling, get a better balance of game play and ads and I may reinstall!

Posted by 2017-07-03

It was a pain in the butt

Posted by 2017-07-03

I installed Angry Birds about 5 years ago and loved it. Now have a new phone and downloaded it again only to find the whole thing is now bogged down with an overload of intrusive ads and a heap of new so-called features that have killed the charm of the original version. I'd happily pay for the 2012 build but the 2017 build is a farce.

Posted by Ashok Kumar Singh 2017-07-02


Posted by Rudraksh Bagga 2017-07-01

Not good as thought

Posted by m kaleeswari 2017-06-29

I like

Posted by Marion Salaün 2017-06-29

J'ai perdu énormément de tickets pour la mighty league car le jeu bug très souvent donc je ne peux pas compléter les niveaux c'est vraiment très frustrant !!

Posted by Aryan Ark 2017-06-29

Too many ads

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