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Lost items = lost moneyPosted by A Google User 2016-10-16

Loved this game in it's original form; now all we can do is play the same levels over in a stupid tornament no one asked for. Played in the tornament just for the silly sticker achievements. Found that every day I returned it would mix me up with someone else's profile - I'd end up as random FB guys or other random guests. Yesterday I left the game with ~40 shockwaves that I purchased. Today, my "guest" ID changed yet again from ~700 to 1496. Lo and behold, ALL of my shockwaves are gone. Give me my money back. Seriously crud. Can't you just keep working at new levels and keep with what made thr original AB so very awesome? That's what we're all waiting for.

Pretty good but...Posted by Deanne Douglas 2016-10-17

It is very slow and is a bit annoying wish it was better. But still good ☺ I wish I could give it 3 stars but some one won,t let me. It is because there is this really stupid mighty legue thing it is so boring I hate it I just want normal angry birds and angry birds toons. Please get rid of this silly thing!

No wifi no problem! (False Advertisement)Posted by Joshua Winborn 2016-10-15

Bull.... On wifi plays flawlessly but turning it off meets you with impassable splash screen. I guess their ads can't make it into the game without internet. No ads=no game for you. Please stop the false advertisement or make good on the promises of offline play.

New updatePosted by Andrea McNeil 2016-10-17

There are new levels to play. I love itttttt soo much I don't even have nothing bad about this game on the ratings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It even has a sticker book!!!!!!!!! And more than 600 levels in 14 episodes!!!!!!

Stop being greedyPosted by Sam Wach 2016-10-17

You've made so much money off this app, between ad revenue, merchandise and a fckn movie, this is a staple brand.. yet you add irritating ads that literally get in the way of the gameplay. Stop adding things.

Give my stickers back.Posted by Mudassar Khan 2016-10-15

I had earned many stickers in mighty league but suddenly all stickers of second page are gone. Please solve this problem as soon as possible or I am going to delete this game.

Posted by robert emory 2016-10-16

I love this game, but the number of ads in this version is simply obscene, I don't think I can bear to play it. Quite a shame, because it is one of my favorites otherwise.

Fun Graphics.Posted by Kara Leigh Aghijlar 2016-10-15

Much like the original, this version has a background helper who starts and stops play actions. A bit on the swerve, this game likes to repeat, repeat, and repeat.

CheatPosted by Anonymus Gamer 2016-10-17

If you lose and don't kill all the piggies it gives you a free video for shockwave. It's bomb with electricity. It's so OP. P.S. might not work every time though.

Great gamePosted by Cindy Anderson 2016-10-15

I downloaded this game for my great-grandson but now is having problems loading when he wants to play so could you please fix it thank you very much Cindy

What kind of Bull shit update is it??Posted by Sahitya Paul 2016-10-17

I gave it 5 stars, but because of the new update (worthless) i am editing it & giving 1 star. Considering uninstalling it if this hasn't been fixed.

Posted by Paul - Shelley Rutledge 2016-10-17

What happened? I had to redownload this game and its different! Hate hate hate all the ads and pop ups!! I used to love playing this game now i dont.

Great gamePosted by Tyler Roche 2016-10-15

Great game, I remember when the original Angry Birds first came out. Usually when they remake games they get extremely stupid but this game is better.

Gave me adsPosted by Amira Izhiman 2016-10-17

I downloaded this and quickly uninstalled after realizing how terrible it was and then I started getting ads everywhere even on my home screen.

Way too many adsPosted by Ian Mitchell 2016-10-15

Haven't played the game in a while I would rather pay a few bucks for no ads as this one is unplayable with how many ads it has. Uninstalled

Only playable in airplane modePosted by Rene Veerman 2016-10-17

Great game when played in airplane mode. Unplayable when connected due to oppressive number of ads. Damages the Angry Birds brand.

Intrusive adsPosted by Strahl Tiger 2016-10-15

Ads when i start it, ads during gameplay, ads after levels, ads after clicking "skip ad," ads when i quit the game. Oi...

One the very first android game to go viral!!!Posted by Sourav Pradhan 2016-10-15

This is one the best games to kill time.It tests your ability to target.A very nice concept and it's worth to download.

those ads.Posted by CoC King 2016-10-17

way too many ads & too frequent. i set age for my 3 years old son and u give him betting ads..seriously?

Too many adsPosted by Siberian Husky 2016-10-16

Cool game but the Ads are every 10 seconds and too annoying; the worst I've seen. I have to remove it

So many ads, even delays the xPosted by keith paul 2016-10-18

Way too many, every 3 birds, horrible. Hides the x to even try to get out of the ad takes time

GoodPosted by Cameron Curtis 2016-10-18

Its good but a little to good because it my only game so it takes a lot of data from my phone

Need more episodesPosted by The Mechanic Kid 2016-10-16

So it needs new episodes and new birds and more bosses than king pig and a custom bird button

Why you do thisPosted by Claustrophobic 2017-01-11

To many ads. And porn ads. Please why ads like that its show. My sister watch that porn ads

Awesome so goodPosted by godzilla 2016-10-16

So good love everything about it. Great theme song in the background can't stop singing it.

READPosted by Leigh Dappa 2016-10-17

Fun at first but got boring. I have this on PS3 so I can't be bothered to do it all again.

SanchetiPosted by Shradha Jain 2016-10-15

The following document copy of your website and the best way for you have a nice weekend

Not the right genderPosted by 2016-10-16

I am a girl and i play games like this and i get teased on my bus for playing boy games

excellent gamePosted by Ridhik Karki 2016-10-15

it is so much fun to play this game it is too fun game m, It îs excellent

Too many adsPosted by Steve Church 2016-10-15

I get that you want to make money, but come on, the amount of ads is ridiculous.

How good the game isPosted by Geraldine Parker 2016-10-17

This game is good because if u keep trying you will get it and it is very fun.

Cool new levelsPosted by Alok Zef 2016-10-17

All new levels are good but some more improvement is needed for singing in.

Posted by A Google User 2016-10-17

Love the game good way to ignore the girlfriend when shes having a bad day

Awesome gamePosted by Iffat Navaid 2016-10-15

It is very addictive and very easy and please bring more angry bird games

Angry birdsPosted by 2016-10-17

It's so fun and guys did u know there's a secret level subscribe to know

Game loved itPosted by 2016-10-16

To be honest I really like this game.!! It's so cool and fun to play..

this is one of the best games i have ever playPosted by 2016-10-16

i love this game so much it keeps me occupied when i have nothing to do.

Turning boringPosted by meet thakar 2016-10-15

A sticker book would go only this far in saving your dropping downloads.

Way to many adsPosted by Casey Riches 2016-10-17

Every time you reset a game or change levels you have to watch a ad

FantasticPosted by 2016-10-18

It is very interesting game most interesting part is mighty league

Best gamePosted by Shanty Biju 2016-10-16

This is the best game I ever had played very thrilling experience

Tha ShitPosted by Sa'Ron Johnson 2016-10-15

Tha game goes in I like it a lot and be spaced out playing it lol

MahaPosted by Maha Singh Ramgharia 2016-10-15

Hey this game is awesome and the angry birds movie is too awesome

Couldn’t take it!Posted by Ed Malone 2016-10-16

WAAAAYYY too many ads, played about 30 minutes and uninstalled!

Angry birdsPosted by Manju G 2016-10-15

Its too good from kids to elder people all can play and enjoy

Great gamePosted by Humberto Mendoza 2016-10-16


sadly GamePosted by ray alarcon 2016-10-16

i failed the eagle Levels. i am the last player in the game.

Angry birdsPosted by Jenny Brierley 2016-10-16

Uninstalled ruined a perfectly good game well done rovio !!!

Wooooww i loved this game...... Posted by Dhananjay Sinha 2016-10-16

It is very enjoyable......... and its level were mast.....

AnnoyingPosted by Nagarjun Deepak 2016-10-17

Annoying Ads...I m UNINSTALLING because of these ads...

AWESOMEPosted by Michael Fincher 2016-10-16

It's AWESOME and very funny and I cant stop playing it

Posted by KM Spencer 2016-10-16

Way too many ads. This game isn't what it use to be.

AddictedPosted by Hritesh Krishna 2016-10-16

Got too much involved in this game. Much interesting.

GraphicsPosted by Fahad Fahad 2016-10-16

The high quality graphics of angry birds no1 graphics

SucksPosted by Tim Schleifer 2016-10-15

This game sucks constantly waste your data with adds

Posted by Hashini Bandara 2016-10-17

I love this game sooo much...this is really awesome

Says hisPosted by 2016-10-17

This game is very interesting and game for all ages

AWESOME!Posted by 2016-10-16

It's a awesome game!A must have for your tablet.☺

OmgPosted by Ali Abbas 2016-10-16

Nyc game love it addictive time pass funny horrible

TerriblePosted by Craig Brady 2016-10-15

Deleted after 1 minute due to intrusive advertising

Posted by 2016-10-15

Angry bird game is very good and I love this game

I love itPosted by Kumar Pratiyush 2016-10-17

It is a great game i love and like I soooooo muc

AwesomePosted by 2016-10-15

Very fun it is very addictive very challenging

Very excellent gamePosted by 2016-10-18

Loved it very much but WiFi signal is to low

Say NO to video ads!Posted by Philip Sanderson 2016-10-16

Seriously, who thought this was a good idea?

Angry BirdsPosted by Tina Dilva 2016-10-15

Very cool! Never get tired of playing it....

AwesomePosted by Sergio Jones 2016-10-16

Love giving revenge to those thieving pigs!

AtractivePosted by 2016-10-16

It's a very good game best time killer ever

I love itPosted by 2016-10-16

It to Super game and all the kids loved it

Not badPosted by Owen Midcraft 2016-10-17

It is very lagi and I cant get to play it

Too many adsPosted by John Carboch 2016-10-16

Ads twice per level. You need to pay me.

LOLAPosted by 2016-10-15


Insert ads into penis.Posted by Nathan B 2016-10-14

Repeat. Way to get too greedy, ass-hats.

I love playing i just dont like the addsPosted by Cardoso Cardoso 2016-10-17

I love playing i just dont like the adds

Posted by Sarota Yasserie 2016-10-17

My Favourite out all Angry Birds Game's

I don't like itPosted by Mike Ramirez 2016-10-16

I don't like it I love it love it oh oh

FIRST IS BESTPosted by 2016-10-15

The first game is always the best game.

Have to keep reinstallingPosted by Charlene Martins 2016-10-16

Samsung doesn't play well with others.

Don't bother downloading.Posted by Philip Hecht 2016-10-17

Not the same. Used to love this game.

Posted by Amita Dedhia 2016-10-15


Zoha my niecePosted by samad sheikh 2016-10-16

I just lvvvvv lvvv lvvvvv this game

Ain’t downloaded it yet!Posted by justyna kamon 2016-10-16

Still amazing though, slow internet.

New sticker bookPosted by Sid Shah 2016-10-15

complete achievements and get prizes

AddictingPosted by Whitney Mcmillan 2016-10-18

Love to play, great stress reliever

Posted by Jacob Melberg 2016-10-16

It is the definition of distracting

GreatPosted by 2016-10-17

Fun game with loys of good levels

Ability gazelle amazPosted by fatih kumcu 2016-10-16

Bbbbheudksyzt28 , and and I have

Good gamePosted by Joel Burris 2016-10-15

Good time killer and fun to play

Posted by sherin driker 2016-10-17

Interesting but distbed with AD

Good gamePosted by Michael Machado 2016-10-16

You should get this game know

Nice gamePosted by alluring jockster10 Rd 2016-10-15

Loved this game and nice game

LovePosted by Solanki Harshad 2016-10-18

I love this game very much..

GamePosted by Raj Lama007 2016-10-17

Chalanging and hard for pros

best game everPosted by Cherie Gerdel 2016-10-16

it's really fun and existing

Posted by Mark Partington 2016-10-16

Still classic, but less adds

likePosted by Md.faizan Murshid 2016-10-15

my favorite game and cartoon

Angry birdsPosted by Water Waver55 2016-10-15

This game is awesome get it

Posted by GOVIND JAISWAL 2017-01-11

Good it

TejasPosted by Shantaram Chavan 2016-10-16

The oldest but the greatest

Posted by Amirtha Parthi 2017-01-11

asome it was too nice game

AwesomePosted by 2016-10-16


Posted by JESSICA TAPIA 2016-10-16

The same one as last time

OmmgPosted by Shivendra Pandey Pandey 2016-10-15

It's just so gud........

Like appPosted by Pardeep Kaur 2016-10-15

Nice and much better than

Posted by 2017-01-11

one of my favorate games

Loved itPosted by Mr apple 2016-10-16

It's a really good game.

LovelyPosted by Mahendra Kolanaidu 2016-10-16

Lovely game which I like

I love itPosted by bingoller Zedgo 2016-10-16

Oh my god best game ever

Angry bird sPosted by Mauricio Covarrubias 2016-10-15

I loved the game so much

I likedPosted by Jando Carvaldi 2016-10-17

Angry birds has tarints

ads.Posted by Muhammad Ziyad 2016-10-17

greedy idiot developer.

Angry birdPosted by 2016-10-18

Bolling over the birds

i loved it soooo muchPosted by SANJIV KUMAR DOHARE 2016-10-17

and it is so good game

Angry birdsPosted by 2016-10-16

Very nice entertaining

Nice yaPosted by 2016-10-16

Yannama epadi panringa

Posted by Gaurav Singh 2016-10-17

Awesome game faboulas

I like itPosted by Ryann Romero 2016-10-17

What time. What time

Posted by Randy Hess 2016-10-16

Very fun game to play

#1 APPPosted by Heather Cooper 2016-10-16

Best app of all time!

To many adsPosted by narayanasamyraghu raman 2016-10-15

Please reduce the ads

Love itPosted by Teresa Lerma 2016-10-15

This is the best game

GoodPosted by teo parco 2017-01-11

My all time favorite

I like this gamePosted by Zeeshan Khan 2016-10-18

It's Very funny game

DeepakPosted by Sothy Rara 2016-10-17

I loved it very much

AwesomePosted by Alia Williams 2016-10-15

Absolutely love it!!

Posted by Andrew Lee 2016-10-17

What's not to love?

Cool gamePosted by Edgar Alonso Marquez 2016-10-16

Fun and addicting!!

Angry Crap!Posted by Keron Maurice 2016-10-15

Ad filled rubbish!

The best game that i ever playPosted by 2016-10-18

Special गेम

Its very goodPosted by Zaid Ahmed 2016-10-18

It does,not hangs

Angry birdsPosted by Grant Bentley 2016-10-17

I love It a lot!!

AmicablePosted by Nirmal Singh Saini 2016-10-16

I love this game.

Posted by Reshma Sunny 2016-10-16

Time passing game

Posted by 2016-10-15

Superbbbbb game .

I love itPosted by MsLuv2sang 2016-10-15

I play it nonstop

Fun AFPosted by Mr_ Dolphie 2016-10-15

Addicting as crap

Angry BirdsPosted by Ginger Darling 2016-10-15

All of the games.

Posted by Jennifer Harper 2016-10-16

A good mine game

Posted by Neenu Gautam 2016-10-16

I LOVE This game


Down load please

Posted by sm sakil 2016-10-15

I love this game

Very nicePosted by 2016-10-15

Beautifully game

Posted by Becky Harmon 2016-10-18

Best game ever

its greatPosted by Jesse Wolters 2016-10-16

i like choclate

Posted by aman kumar 2016-10-15

Very bad aap ..

Posted by dan be 2016-10-15

Its angry birds

Posted by Niraj Agrawal 2016-10-17

Very nice game

Super birdsPosted by 2016-10-16

Wow & best

NicePosted by Rana Ranvijay 2016-10-15

Very nice game

Best game everPosted by Tuan Muhajireen 2016-10-17


Posted by Mo.owish Mo.owish 2016-10-16

The best game

Posted by 2016-10-15


Too many adsPosted by Irwan Rosliadi 2016-10-15

Too many ads.

HawksPosted by Jordan Casey 2017-01-11

Awesome game

Posted by Mar SeqSan 2016-10-17


Posted by Lokesh Chauhan 2016-10-16

Game is good

Posted by Dhananjay Singh 2016-10-15

Too many ads

Ataaac game wowPosted by Bikram Pal 2016-10-15

verrrry nice

Posted by Penny brown 2016-10-18

Lucky penny

Posted by Bren Miller 2016-10-17

Fun fun fun

I♡ a very birdsPosted by Catherine Condon 2016-10-17


Posted by Grace Petersen 2016-10-17


Posted by Cassandra Chamberlain 2016-10-17

Angry birds

Posted by joann gervais 2016-10-16

Angry Birds

Posted by Chris Milianis 2016-10-16


angry birdsPosted by Cameron Cannady 2016-10-16

is very fun

Awesome!Posted by 2016-10-15

Love this !

GoodPosted by Hoang Ngo 2016-10-17

Having fun

Yash SamorPosted by 2016-10-16

Yash Samor

Posted by Mukesh Verma 2016-10-16

Funny game

Posted by Kashif Husain 2016-10-15

Veri fanny

5 starPosted by Ashish Mahajan 2016-10-15

Super game

Rutu RajPosted by 2016-10-18


Good gamePosted by veer yadav 2016-10-18


Angry BirdsPosted by Jashpal Singh 2016-10-17

Nice game

Get rid of these adsPosted by Timothy Herrera 2016-10-17


angeriPosted by Mehdi Rasool 2016-10-17


NicePosted by nithi eswaran 2016-10-17


Posted by yogesh rai 2016-10-17

Nice game

I love itPosted by Hannah Campbell 2016-10-16


Love itPosted by Cameron Givens 2016-10-16

Make more

SahilsinghPosted by 2016-10-16


Posted by Pankaj Dudeja 2016-10-16

I love it

Angry BirdsPosted by Samuel Fritchen 2016-10-15

No sound?

WowPosted by Rajendra Kolhe 2016-10-15

Nice game

Posted by Shubham Kharta 2016-10-15


Posted by B V RAJA RAVI KUMAR 2016-10-15


Posted by Nikhil sharma 2016-10-17

Good one

Posted by Uttam Thakuri 2016-10-17

Liked it

Posted by 2016-10-17

Ggj burp

Posted by ankon andromida 2016-10-17


Posted by Kirtika Raj 2016-10-16


Posted by Lucas Bonfim 2016-10-16


ChallengingPosted by Uday Basumatary 2016-10-16

Loved it

AwesomePosted by aravind h 2016-10-16

Lovin it

Posted by Prasad Nookala 2016-10-16

Gr8 game

God gamePosted by Ammar Almasadeh 2016-10-15

God game

Posted by richita roy 2016-10-15

Loved it

WowPosted by Abby Lasha 2016-10-16


AwesomePosted by Rakesh Kakati 2016-10-16


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Use the unique powers of the Angry Birds to destroy the greedy pigs' defenses!

The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake. Dish out revenge on the greedy pigs who stole their eggs. Use the unique powers of each bird to destroy the pigs’ defenses. Angry Birds features challenging physics-based gameplay and hours of replay value. Each level requires logic, skill and force to solve.

If you get stuck in the game, you can purchase the Mighty Eagle! Mighty Eagle is a one-time in-app purchase in Angry Birds that gives unlimited use. This phenomenal creature will soar from the skies to wreak havoc and smash the pesky pigs into oblivion. There’s just one catch: you can only use the aid of Mighty Eagle to pass a level once per hour. Mighty Eagle also includes all new gameplay goals and achievements!

In addition to the Mighty Eagle, Angry Birds now has power-ups! Boost your birds’ abilities and three-star levels to unlock secret content! Angry Birds now has the following amazing power-ups: Sling Scope for laser targeting, King Sling for maximum flinging power, Super Seeds to supersize your birds, and Birdquake to shake pigs’ defenses to the ground!

HAVING TROUBLE? Head over to where you can browse FAQs or submit a request to our support flock!

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