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Lost items = lost moneyPosted by A Google User 2016-10-16

Loved this game in it's original form; now all we can do is play the same levels over in a stupid tornament no one asked for. Played in the tornament just for the silly sticker achievements. Found that every day I returned it would mix me up with someone else's profile - I'd end up as random FB guys or other random guests. Yesterday I left the game with ~40 shockwaves that I purchased. Today, my "guest" ID changed yet again from ~700 to 1496. Lo and behold, ALL of my shockwaves are gone. Give me my money back. Seriously crud. Can't you just keep working at new levels and keep with what made thr original AB so very awesome? That's what we're all waiting for.

Lost all progress. WTF!Posted by Gary Finch 2016-08-23

I moved this along with the other Angry Birds games to my external SD card to free up some space on my phone & I lost all my game progress & purchases that I have made. I never cleared the game data by mistake & have moved these games from internal to external without problems like this in the past. Well done Rovio, firstly way too many adds, then way too many purchases within the game and now this. I know you have to make money but this is starting to take the piss out of people who have supported you.

IF...Posted by _ Cherricongo _ 2016-08-19

Possibly the most awesome game ever. Very clever, addictive, and entertaining. EXCEPT... Those stupid #@$ banner ads pop up right when you are going to or right after launch so birds can't be seen or manipulated. Multiple 15 & 30 second ads after EVERY play. Pathetic. Place those #@$ banner ads after game play where they don't interfere & cut down on the big ads. Banners are enough. Excellent game and love it but right now it's an irritating make you want to just Bowl instead game. Totally sucks. FIX IT.

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Thanks to youPosted by ganesh bodkhe 2016-08-21

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Von wegen rassistisch!Posted by MisterLenny GD 2016-09-11

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So annoyingPosted by Steve McDonald 2016-08-29

This was among my favorite mobile games. That's not saying much, but it was a decent time waster, once you pay to remove the ads. However, with the most recent update, in the ad free version, I am asked via pop-up if I want to watch a video ad to get a free power every time I start or restart a level. Watching the ad only removes the pop-up for the duration of the power up, which is 10 minutes. This is incredibly annoying, and has made me regret spending the measly amount of money I did to remove the ads.

Unduly aggressive adsPosted by Errol McPherson 2016-08-25

I accept that thy price of playing a game for free is advertising. But there is a line beyond which the balance is wrong and that line has recently been crossed. This recent insistence that users "watch a video" at the start of almost all new turns has ruined the game for me. There's no flow anymore. It's a bit like watching American TV, where there's so much advertising it's easier just to switch off, and that's what I'm doing here.

Angry BirdsPosted by Joan Spencer 2016-08-16

I really enjoy playing this game and admire the creativity that has gone into creating it. However I don't like the fact that recently I've starting frequently receiving messages that the program has to close and it gives me the option of reporting it. However it never explains what the problem is. Just a few minutes ago the program closed three times in about 5 minutes - very frustrating and sure hope the issue is resolved soon.

Love it so much forPosted by Lavi Bobiltu 2016-08-20

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I am addictedPosted by Stanislav Bushuev 2016-08-30

This game is both educational and entertaining. Educational part is that you need to figure out/calculate the trigectory(the angle at which to send one or the other kind of bird). You also need to figure out how will the bird damage the pig fortifications. And it is entertaining because you are in control of the outcome and I've been playing on this app for a long time. Thank you whoever made this. You're awesome.

AnnoyingPosted by John Dixon 2016-09-01

I was really getting into the game but what gets on my nerves is when ads come up, and when you select "Don't show and why" it stays up saying "thanks for your feedback....UNDO!" THEN ANOTHER AD COMES UP. Only issue is the "X" button to get rid of that video ad is tucked under the "THANKS FOR THE FEEDBACK..." You can't get rid of it unless you watch the short pointless ad. it pisses you off after a while

I don't even mind ads in free gamesPosted by Katie Leigh 2016-08-29

But the "offers" to watch them to get things are really annoying. I don't want to watch an ad to get scope, I hate using scope. And if I reject it, it keeps coming back every time you play any level. Sometimes I'll watch it then quit playing for ten minutes, then the offer shows up AGAIN. And if I do use scope, I don't need the animation of the effect literally every time I play a level. It's unnecessary

Posted by Md Sourov 2016-09-01

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I'm hooked upPosted by Ivonne Figueroa Garcia 2016-09-05

"Is entertaining fun ones I start playing its hard to let go, I just want to get to the next phase to see what crazy maneuver I have to deal with, and passing the levels feels like mission accomplich, cause believe when I say some are so hard to pass that I've retried at least 50 times before passing. What I love most is looking at the expretions on the Piggy's and birds faces is hilariously funny"!!!

Angry birds the mighty leaguePosted by Laurie Andrus 2016-09-15

I tried it and don't like it. Not my cup of tea. There isn't any challenge to it. I find it's more geared to the 10 years old and younger set. Not so much to the 70 year old set. Plus being called a sport? That's an insult to my delicate 70 year old ears! Sport is what you might call a small boy, not a grown woman. So! How's about some new levels for us "older"generations? I'm up for that. Are you?

Better beforePosted by 2016-09-04

I liked it before when the angry birds were just normal little angry birds. Now they're just so weird human birds. Also, some "Mighty Eagle" comes every time you click your screen!! I hope Rovio doesn't ruin anymore of its games like bad piggies or angry birds 2 or anymore of its games because they are truly very good. Except this one now. Please! Change it back. I'm pretty sure Rovio knows better.

Ruined by ads. Hopeless for 4 year olds.Posted by A Google User 2016-09-07

It used to be ok, but I give it to my 4 year old now and it results in constant problems with the relentless ads. I've tried to train her how to close them, but then some ignore the back button and have the word "skip" somewhere else. Pretty scummy practices if you ask me, I'm surprised ignoring the back button passed android ui guidelines! Not worth the hassle, greed has ruined it entirely.

Posted by Jeff Rockwell 2016-08-17

Was a huge fan of this game a few years ago, thought I would re-download it to see if the magic was still there...the game is still great but sadly obtrusive, obnoxious ads ruin the experience entirely. The worst part is that they play at a ridiculous volume even when I have the volume on my device is turned off. I would happily pay to lose the ads, as it stands now the game is unplayable.

Too many adsPosted by Jimmy Ramsey 2016-08-07

I love Angry Birds game and I can handle the small advertisement at top if the screen that sometimes gets in the way of your aim, but every two to three plays you have to sit and watch an advertisement. It is too annoying. I deleted the software from my phone. If the parent company can find a better way to make money I'll resownload the app but until then they have lost another player.

Not as good as it once wasPosted by Astro Cog 2016-09-06

You know, Angry Birds used to be a really fun game. Unfortunately, it has gotten really gimmicky and intrusive over the years: more permissions, more ads, more micro-transactions, more silly unnecessary features. It's just not as fun as it used to be. These days ads and popups can cripple game play, and be relentless. I can say one thing: I never saw a macaroni ad in a Mario Bros game.

Posted by wayne barlow 2016-08-29

The game is excellent but every time you do anything ADVERT,ADVERT, ADVERT, even with the new update ADVERT, ADVERT, ADVERT, ADVERT anointing isn't it when I write advert but that's what's happening in the game I was more than surprised that the Movie didn't have advert every 2 minutes, advice to people who want this game DON'T DOWNLOAD it's a waste of time find something else to play.

Posted by Patrick Matthews 2016-09-09

It only gets worse. AB used to be my go-to downtime pastime... I enjoyed and looked forward to its addictive play. Now it blasts me with that stupid eagle before every round, and if I actually watch the ad to stop it, I'm stuck with the totally unwanted aiming device, can't turn it off. Turns me off, now not playing anymore. Rovio, you've cooked your golden goose.

Adverts and rubbishPosted by 2016-08-24

All I keep getting is adverts and videos popping up between levels which is the most annoying thing ever. It never used to be like this. Adverts are a terrible annoyance at the best of times but they now seem to be with everything you ever try to watch, look at, click on or play. Have now taken this rubbish off my phone for good and won't be installing it again.

Really FunPosted by Dyl Ward 2016-09-14

I've been a fan of angry birds for years, and whenever i get a new phone or tablet this game has to be on it instantly. Rovio, i would like to say... KEEP UP THE ANGRY BIRDS!! It would mean so much to me if you do this so i can see another game in the future. I do understand the reason for the ads but you have got to make money somehow.... Am I right?!

Too many extrasPosted by Faerie Thompson 2016-08-31

I first played Angry Birds on my Nook Color. I loved it. Was happy to pay for it. I hate the android version with the constant pop-up to watch a film for a boost. I don't want the boost. I can live with ads but I'd rather just buy it outright. It's the constant in your face plea to get something I don't want that has led me to uninstall.

Too many adsPosted by Alex Roma 2016-09-01

Can't even finish one level without and ad popping up or a video playing. There's not even an option to remove ads from what I see. They make the game pretty much unplayable. I try to play and they pop up and I click them by accident and then by the time I get back to the game there's another one. This game USED to be great, now it's awful.

Too many adsPosted by A Google User 2016-08-30

I get it, you need ad revenue, but constantly asking to watch the Eagle video over and over and then throwing an ad over the X to close the notification to watch said video is horrible design and annoying. Uninstalled, I'm done with this game. It used to be great. Tone down the ads or give me an option to buy the game to get rid of them.

My thought hmmm...Posted by Ad sumplz 2016-08-27

Good hustle lol. Loved every moment of 3 ⭐⭐⭐Dang the sun does shine for me and if you Zzz... on angry birds u r crazy vote 4 this year and forever more years angry birds the best game on Pc and Android/iOS and the last word i have to say is vote me as Vice president for

Pretty good but...Posted by Deanne Douglas 2016-10-17

It is very slow and is a bit annoying wish it was better. But still good ☺ I wish I could give it 3 stars but some one won,t let me. It is because there is this really stupid mighty legue thing it is so boring I hate it I just want normal angry birds and angry birds toons. Please get rid of this silly thing!

Automatically opens web pagesPosted by Mike Tittle 2016-09-01

Used to be ok with small popups but now sucks, redirecting to web pages and play store. PLAY IN AIRPLANE MODE and save the aggravation. UPDATE: Better since paying to remove ads Update: Just downloaded latest version to my new phone and it suuucks. Ads and Mighty scope pop up before every single game

A Classic That Keeps ImprovingPosted by TACTiCOOL RiFLEBORE 2016-08-25

As the title says, I think this game is already a classic. But thanks to their developers and their creative minds, it is still an interesting game to kill time with. Balance of ads, in-game purchase, and outright skill to finish the level is also a reason why I love to have this game for so long now.

Too many adds.Posted by ed Cain 2016-08-31

Sometimes you'll have to wait for a add to go away before you can close another box asking if you'll watch a video in exchange for a temporary aim assist.... or sometimes without warning it will play a video for another game before you replay or play a different level.. Other than That it's great.

Angry BirdsPosted by Erin Damron 2016-08-07

I love it I love it I really love this game I love to play Angry Birds level 2 power ups but if you like this if you really like it I put it there so if you love it so please hit 5 Stars don't just put 23456 just fine just fine I don't mean sex you only can go up to five stars so please love this

Rovio you blowPosted by A Google User 2016-09-16

I can't even call you greedy. I would happily give you my money to remove the constant annoyances you torture us with in your games but you just don't care. You would rather get your money from a medium that makes your fans miserable rather then just cut the crap and get it from us. Despicable.

Its angry birdsPosted by eric merkel 2016-08-11

Its angry birds , now considered, a classic that came out when the smart phone craze bloomed. Even though it says angry birds it is still kid friendly. This version has commercials but rewards the player with power ups for watching the commercial. Just play it you'll enjoy it :) :) :) :)

Best ever mobile game, ruinedPosted by Martin W 2016-09-06

The latest pop ups in this have totally ruined an excellent game. Particularly the one forcing you to watch a video to get the sight radar. Gah! So frustrating. I would be more than happy to pay a few pounds for a clean version with no advertisements, but there is no option to do so!

SUPERB gaming app!Posted by Reality Dictates 2016-08-19

From the very first time I played this I knew I was going to be addicted. There was no doubt about it and sure enough I am and have been for many years now. Thank you so much Rovio for publishing this wonderful game that has given me literally many, many days of enjoyment playing it!

I love this onePosted by Tord eddsworld 2016-09-10

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Posted by Jon Klein 2016-08-31

I only gave it a 3 because of all the ads. I love the app. and have repeatedly got 3 stars in all levels. I Uninstall and reinstall it again. I'm on my 12th time around. This last time it constantly gives the mighty scope. This is really ticking me off. Any way to turn it off?

This game is so awesome!Posted by Porkito Asado 2016-08-14

Thank you Rovio for making this game. It is so fun with all the new levels and golden eggs. Also the mighty league is great because it give some challenge to beat the star score and the pigs to get to first place. Thank you Rovio for making this game be the #1 app of all time.

My account has been lost..Posted by Rooman Ul Haq 2016-08-14

With all due respects, I dont know what happened.. this evening just now i opened the game and it said you are not connected to Rovio Account. Sign in again. Now i am signing in with the same account but it says this email is not found. What is the issue.?? Kindly solve it

AwfulPosted by Robin Mcbroom 2016-09-09

Mighty scope pop up is beyond annoying. So i watch the 28 sec casino game ad hoping it will go away. Now ALL puzzle attempts have the scope. Is there an "i am not a moron" setting i can toggle to on? Rovio hates people and is dead set on annoying the bejesus out of them!

A real shamePosted by Joel Kirsopp 2016-09-14

I used to love this game. I thought I would install what used to be my favourite game but you have got way too greedy. Was on it for 5 seconds and had to watch a 30 second video to keep playing. It then just got worse from then on. Uninstalling it for good. What a shame.

No Advert controlPosted by Becky Robinson 2016-08-20

Very disappointing app! This App is advertised as a PEGI 3!! But some of the advertisement that comes with the app are not suitable for young people? Beware! My youngest who loves this game suddenly saw a Advert that caused her to have nightmares!! Not very impressed!

Posted by A Google User 2016-08-27

I want my paid version back. Why do consumers put up with this crap. This is garbage ad content its frozen my phone. No ad buy out? There's no way you are making more on these ads than you'd get for just letting me give you a couple bucks to not see ads anymore!!!

It was okPosted by Kaitlin Hunt 2016-08-30

It's a great game and I'm sure it's achived on lots of levels but it's incredibly hard playing on a phone. Also way to many ads so when I press the X to get rid of ads it says ok then even more ads. But apart from those 2 issues it's a great game.thanks play bean

No wifi no problem! (False Advertisement)Posted by Joshua Winborn 2016-10-15

Bull.... On wifi plays flawlessly but turning it off meets you with impassable splash screen. I guess their ads can't make it into the game without internet. No ads=no game for you. Please stop the false advertisement or make good on the promises of offline play.

AnnoyingPosted by A Google User 2016-09-04

I love this game but now I'm promted constantly to watch a video so I can get aiming capability for 10 minutes. If the ad pops up in between levels, I can't close the box because it overlaps the promt. It happens frequently and I get aggravated and stop playing.

Great game but still has some bugsPosted by shawna stevens 2016-08-19

Our whole family loves playing this game and has for years. No matter how many times it gets deleted, there's always some version of it on the game phone. I personally enjoyed "Rio" and "Seasons" was a bit more challenging. Bugs or not, we'll keep downloading it

ADSPosted by Joseph McNulty 2016-09-07

Watched the Angry Birds movie, remembered loving the game and redownloaded, and oh my God, the ads. Pop up for pay-to-power-up comes between every single play. Just not fun to play anymore AT ALL. Guess I can't say I'm too surprised this happened to the game.

Love the game, hate the ad intrusionPosted by A Google User 2016-08-06

An advert (with completely unnecessary 6 second minimum timer and unreasonably small dismiss button) played every three levels for games already installed. In-game banner ads for apps already installed. Breaks enjoyment of the game almost entirely. Bad form.

Love this game but am hating the new mighty scope popupPosted by Rebecca merritt 2016-08-23

This mighty scope pops up EVERY TIME you reset and when it started I am on a very difficult level. Rovio what were you thinking with this new update???? I rarely use helps and this is driving me crazy! How do I stop it?? I would otherwise give it 5 stars!

Too many ads, Uninstalled immediatelyPosted by sanchit bhatnagar 2016-08-31

This was one of my favorite games at one time so i downloaded it again today to refresh some old memories. Unfortunately this game has become a steaming pile of mess that has game play constantly interrupted by video ads. It is just unplayable right now.

Annoying the fun away.Posted by A Google User 2016-09-10

I decided reload this one for old time sake and found the ads beyond annoying. Especially the aim assist offer that pops up every time you start a level. That stupid thing takes the challenge out of the game. Just let us pay you to get rid of that crap!

Endless fun with plenty of annoyancePosted by 2016-09-01

The ads are most definitely annoying but once I turn off the Wi-Fi or data, it's fine as no ads come up. I really enjoy releasing my frustrations on those lil piggy f***ers! The scope ad does seem to be the most persistent of all the ads but oh well.

Highly annoying ad filledPosted by Dan Cole 2016-08-29

Ads have taken over and too many things to buy. The might scope pushed me over the edge. Kiss my advertising contribution goodbye, I am deleting this sorry excuse for an app. You have lost your connection to what you started as, angry bird makers.

Posted by Tom Potter 2016-08-23

In October of 2012 I purchased this game to remove in-game ads. Now it's loaded with ads. I was just forced to watch a video commercal for candy. Seems to me Rovio broke their contract with me and all of you. Un-installing. Typical corporate greed.

Too many video ads.Posted by 2016-08-21

I enjoyed this game many years ago, when the game just had an ad in the corner. Now, when I play the game, I usually get at least 2 or 3 UNSKIPPABLE VIDEO ADS, which is unnacceptable. This eats up data quickly, and that is why I am uninstalling it.

Gane is great!Posted by J. Carlos Gonzalez 2016-09-05

The game is great. The annoying watch this 10 minute video for better aim, doesn't need to be there. There are you tube videos that already do this. Or at least have the option to either turn it off, or embed it in somewhere out of the way.

Too many advertisementsPosted by Chris Garcia 2016-08-28

I played this game in the begging and loved it. Stopped for a long time and tried to replay it. I can't play the game. Every other second there is a new add and it makes the game unplayable. Too bad really. I used to really enjoy this game.

Bad adsPosted by Brady Cargle 2016-09-10

I paid to remove ads. Now every time I start or restart a level, I get a popup asking me to watch a video. In essense, it's ads. Awesome. Used to be amazing game. I 3 starred all levels. Have fun playing "Tap X To Close Popup" now though

So much clickbait!Posted by Nathan Jones 2016-09-13

I installed this for nostalgia sake, but found the Angry birds I loved has been replaced by a clickbait and advert riddled unplayable version... Devastated. No need to try the other Angry birds now as no doubt they're the same too.....

DisappointingPosted by x_Citron_x Gaming 2016-08-09

Felt like playing Angry Birds again. Sad to see they've put ads on the game now. Thanks for putting a giant banner in the way, now I can't calculate my trajectory to get a good score. Rovio caved in to the money and is now pay to play.

Too many adsPosted by Greg Becker 2016-08-06

I miss when games would let me pay a dollar or so to stop showing ads, but they're so consistent that I just give up. You're not getting ad money OR pay to remove ads money from me since I don't want to play with ads after every level.

GGPosted by DaiShockerGaming 2016-09-10

It's a good game but in the future can you make Dragon bird z and a dragon Ball z angry birds game plus if you do I bet you every person that likes dragon Ball z will get the game and that's a lot of people so please make the game

Love the game.Posted by Kitty Greenleaf 2016-09-09

Wish I could get rid of the "mighty pain in the butt scope". You have to click out of it a lot. Should be able to activate it when YOU want to. You gave us that and now only give us a minimal amount of Shockwaves. Not quite fair.

Logo Removed Because of the updatePosted by Atvrelease Ltd. 2016-09-16

If you install this app to play cake duel you will make a sound glitch. Never use this app. But fails the level when im playing it. Western Entertainment Pub: Western Entertainment is published. And Don't Forget The Gold Bird!

Awesome but takes batteryPosted by Evan TheGamer55 2016-08-22

This game is really fun but while my brother was playing, the percent of his phone was 83, then, 3 minutes later, it's 73. I love the game, but it takes battery too quickly, other games take battery yes, but not like this game.

Best game everPosted by 2016-09-02

I liked this game so much and I had cleared atleast two stages .the levwls are so interesting but plz fix the ads of mighty scope again and again . Otherwise this game is very good and refresh me after doing my work . Loved it

All ads, little play.Posted by Brian Ertley 2016-08-30

I do like the game, but I find, like many others, the ads to be overwhelming. sometimes the ads cover up the x on the " watch a video to.." pop up. I played two levels and saw 4 pop-ups, 1 banner ad, and a video ad. No thanks.

Way too many ads!!Posted by Daniel Curtiss 2016-08-25

I had ads popping up over the top of each other and blocking out the x to exit the ad and then it asks you every level or restart to watch another ad to use the stupid scope thing which I don't want to use in the first place!!

A favorite from the startPosted by Carter Rice 2016-08-18

I've always loved Angry Birds since it's release in 2009. However, it has crashed on me recently (it's probably just my laptop, though). But overall, it keeps getting better every year. Three cheers for the new Mighty League!

New updatePosted by Andrea McNeil 2016-10-17

There are new levels to play. I love itttttt soo much I don't even have nothing bad about this game on the ratings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It even has a sticker book!!!!!!!!! And more than 600 levels in 14 episodes!!!!!!

Best app to view adsPosted by Daniel Griffin 2016-09-11

This is the best app on android to view different ads for products. I've tried many others but this one by far has the most ad selections to choose from. Theres even a little mini game included about birds or something

Used to love it.Posted by Tyler Roberson 2016-09-06

Thanks game developers for placing ads in your games. A game that used to be 100% free when it was a top app is now a game where every level there is some kind of ad. Well done to all you developers for ruining games.

Fallen from gracePosted by Adahy Lewis 2016-08-28

Too much of a corporate game now. External advertisements mixed with Angry Birds ads (watch this video and get this item) instead of just the classic stuff. I hate this pay-to-win crap mobile game makers are going to.

You used to be cool...Posted by Tom Museth 2016-08-26

... And then some genius decided to stuff your top little game with ads that obscure game elements, videos between every level, and endless aggressive pop ups. Remember when this game was about firing birds at pigs?

It makes me smile...Posted by Candy Humerickhouse 2016-09-10

My grandkids; Elijah, Mariah, & Juilien got me hooked 2 yrs ago..It reminds me of precious memories w them...Oh God how I lv & miss them..ALLof U R ALWAYS on my mind..4EVER..LV U SO MUCH TOO...Grandma Candy

Great gamePosted by Gurkirat Singh 2016-08-27

First I play clash of clans I am town hall in 10 so one day my friend say clash of clan can destroy your life so one day is also realize it destroy my life so I uninstall it and I download angry birds it is awesome

AmazingPosted by Ely Littleton 2016-09-03

I love this game and nothing will change that but it says "The Number 1 Game of all time", If Pokemon Go passes Angry birds downloads, will you change Number 1 game of all time to Number 2 game of all time?!?!?!

Posted by sadie scballejo0807 2016-08-26

its not giving me my points when i do it between the time.. ive used some of the special abilities and they dont work.. i did these levels to gain special abilities and never got any.. its glitchy.. needs fixing

Dislike constant ads after paying for no adsPosted by Don Sherwood 2016-08-16

Fun to play and challenging. Great way to kill time when there is absolutely nothing better to do. But, Ads are incorporated into the game at every transition and cannot be avoided, even after paying for no ads.

Fun game, too heavy on adsPosted by 2016-09-02

The game itself is fun but two things ruin it- the constant push to watch videos to get "power ups" and the very strong feeling that the later parts of the game have been balanced to make them almost necessary.

Cheap imitationPosted by Will Taylor 2016-08-20

This is not the same app I remember playing six years ago. They have degraded the quality by overburdening it with ads galore! At least it's free so I don't feel bad uninstalling it. Bring back the old version!

New player.Posted by Elaine Kruithof 2016-08-28

I just downloaded this game for the first time. Was excited to play and I am just learning it. I am having the worst time trying to get into it. Every time I win I get pop up and click bait. I will be deleting

Stop being greedyPosted by Sam Wach 2016-10-17

You've made so much money off this app, between ad revenue, merchandise and a fckn movie, this is a staple brand.. yet you add irritating ads that literally get in the way of the gameplay. Stop adding things.

Don't botherPosted by Craig Saunders 2016-08-12

The game itself is ok but it is completely ridiculous the amount of ads they have put in the game. You spend more time waiting to dismiss ads than you do playing making this game a waste of time to download.

Good game but...Posted by Stephen Brucculeri 2016-09-07

It is a good game but the Ads are ridiculous. There is a popup to watch a video but you cant close it because another ad blocks the x. It is annoying to be forced to watch a video because i cant close the ad

Adds ruined it.Posted by Cody Farnes 2016-08-28

Great game, I first got it years ago. Tried going back again for some nostalgia and the adds and constant pop-ups ruined it for me. I would rather pay $3 or something for add free but there isn't an option.

Posted by Lela Garnett 2016-09-14

Don't mind the ads. Personally, I'm ok with the ads. I love using the scope and if I have to watch an ad or find something else to do for 20 seconds to get a powerup, then so be it. I still love this game!

Paid for no ads, game full of forced adsPosted by Eric Noeske 2016-08-29

I paid to get the full version without ads, however there are large intrusive ads everywhere. The kind that take up the whole screen and you have to X out of to get back to your game. Very disappointed.

In app purchases too easy for kidsPosted by 2016-08-20

My kid loves this game but he keeps accidentally making purchases because every level prompts him to buy power ups. There is no way i can find to disable his ability to blow my money with one simple tap

Ad NauseaPosted by Don Burlison 2016-08-17

I understand that the ads pay for my free use of the game, but when they interfere with other apps to play a stupid video, that is where I draw the line. Make an addition that I can buy that is ad free.

Too many adsPosted by cjp y2j 2016-09-07

Only like 3 levels in and already annoyed by being bothered with the eagle video between levels, an ad in the top right corner so I can't close the eagle video ad, then a 30 second video ad. Uninstall!

WAY TOO MANY ADDS!Posted by Alyssa Jaha 2016-09-07

I used to love this game when it first came out but now there are so many pop ups and adds that it gets super frustrating! It would be nice to get through 1 level without the annoying interruptions.

Angry Birds is FantasticPosted by Larry Keese 2016-08-16

The ads have made it difficult. I have played AB on several platforms, each one is the Best! Very fun! The new things are different! I need to check them out. I am not a fan of in ap purchases!

Logo Removed Because of the updatePosted by Atvrelease Ltd. 2016-09-09

If you install this app to play cake duel you will make a sound glitch. Never use this app. But fails the level when im playing it. Western Entertainment Pub: Western Entertainment is published.

Posted by Ron Mistelske 2016-08-22

Loved the original pay version, the one that came before that didn't jam ads in your face every 12 seconds and pause the game during play to force data use for more ads. Disappointed and deleting.

AngrybirdsPosted by Cliff Diehl 2016-08-26

No I don't want to improve my aim stop asking me every damn time once or twice is enough. Is there anyway to stop the darn popup from asking me if I want to improve my aim it's bothersome as hell

This game is the best app that.i ever played on since I was a kidPosted by the blue jay player 2016-08-06

Remember playing this in 2010 and now look at it it is so awesome now. thank you all for making this app and making me love my Angry Bird friends you guys are awesome don't stop making these apps

Top Notch app of all time!!Posted by RandiGirl Johnston 2016-09-08

With its AMAZING graphics and its ease of use this STELLAR App is in a class of its own. Its FUN its FREE and it will entertain people of ALL ages . You cant go wrong with thos one! A must .

Used to be the best gamePosted by Tara Lilly 2016-09-05

Re downloaded to play again. So many pop ups ads videos interruptions it's horrible can't even play for more than 3 seconds without ads click here click there videos you can't skip. Horrible

First Game ever played!Posted by Luis Ordonez 2016-09-13


Used to be greatPosted by Sean Crowley 2016-08-28

Downloaded this after a long time of not playing. Literally unplayable. Is nothing but advertisements. Flow of the game has been destroyed. Shame to see what was once so great go to hell

Too much addsPosted by Rohan Bansal 2016-08-10

There is too much adds. Because of which player concentration is disturbed. I had to switch off my internet to play the game. Which made me miss my important email and WhatsApp messages

This is a knockoff app.Posted by Jeff Chandler 2016-09-10

Ever heard of "crush the castle (by Namco)" anyone? Well I've played it... Look it up... Angries is simply a cute(ish), famous, publicly-thought-of-as-original, dumb app. Look. It. Up.

CrapPosted by Luke DAY 2016-08-21

Just because you can make it free doesnt meen you should. The first time thos was released it was 2.99. I want that version back. ADS every 30 sec and no aiming guide. SHAME ON YOU!!!!

Greedy rip off.Posted by J. J. 2016-09-14

Lose the ads and you'd have a great game. Seriously, if I knew there would be ads in the paid version I'd have stuck with the free version. Virtually unplayable with all the pop ups.

Posted by A Google User 2016-08-31

In 2010 i wrote: "The best game I have truly in a class of its own I cannot believe it is free Awesome" NOW THE ADS, ARE RIDICULOUS MAKING YOU WATCH CRAPPY VIDEOS 5 STAR TO 2 STARS

Great game,but...Posted by Piotr Trojanowski 2016-09-12

I can't do anything without mighty eagle or free adwert... is anyone know how to remove adwert from the game ? Or maybe rovio don't care that people don't enjoy the game anymore...

Simple but hard.Posted by Thomas Anderson 2016-08-27

I like the app's simplicity. It is fun to play. However, there are way too many adds and the new scope add pops up all the time, please make it stop. Also it is really challenging.

Was once greatPosted by Steve Winser 2016-09-09

I once loved this game but the continual ads interruptions and watch a movie to improve your aim have ruined it. Uninstalled - won't be back - sadly you have turned me right off!

Angry Birds still kicks!Posted by Redd Carigo 2016-08-10

I love this game for years now and I've loved it even more. If we can formulate a PVP Tournament here this will be the legendary app of all-time. More bird ideas on this version!

Great but oldPosted by Matthew Shockley 2016-09-07

This game was so good but know same levels over and over.i know theres a part 2 but this one is better AND NEEDS NEW LEVELS please.thanks rovio im sure you will jump right on it

Posted by Michael Cappuccilli 2016-08-24

I love the game but I hate being force fed advertisement after advertisement after advertisement...... I'd pay some $$$ to go ad free and I'd even give the game a few more stars

Give my stickers back.Posted by Mudassar Khan 2016-10-15

I had earned many stickers in mighty league but suddenly all stickers of second page are gone. Please solve this problem as soon as possible or I am going to delete this game.

Okay...Posted by Adam Cross 2016-08-18

It's a fun game but can get a bit stale. Also there's no exit button. Update: I made a Rovio account and now all my progress is lost. Nice work, got from 3 stars to 2 stars.

Mighty scopePosted by Jojopictures Gaming Stars 2016-09-09

Why the freak is the stupid mighty scope thing keep popping up!? Sometimes the ads get in the way so I can't get rid of it! Just update the game already!!!! Please respond.

Can be annoyingPosted by Lauren Stevenson 2016-09-09

It is a good game but the pop ups are annoying. Every time you play you get a pop up for 'the sight' and every 4 or 5 times you lose a level you have to watch these videos.

Funny , interest, amazing etcPosted by Sarita Porwal 2016-09-16

It's funny to play. There are so many levels I have complete all levels. It was amazing to play this game. I complete all the levels in 1 week it was amazing to play.

A Cult Hard To Get Over WithPosted by Anubhav Solankey 2016-08-29

Amazing app which defined and paved the smartphone gaming path. Superb effort by Rovio team . Nothing less than love and respect to the game and the developers. Cheers !!!

Posted by robert emory 2016-10-16

I love this game, but the number of ads in this version is simply obscene, I don't think I can bear to play it. Quite a shame, because it is one of my favorites otherwise.

Loved it originally- now totally fed upPosted by Xauen Zirpolo 2016-08-26

The intrusive ads were bad enough. Now this 'Mighty Scope' popup EVERY time I do a level? I've had this app since it first came out, and I'm now uninstalling. Sick of it.

Fun for all agesPosted by Mark Bridges 2016-09-07

(Mark's daughter tori(29yrs ) my daughter (10yrs) loves this game ,easy to play,very addictive, have played it for years we would give it 10 stars if we could☺☺☺

Way too many adds!!Posted by Glenn Hnilica 2016-09-01

I loved the old game, but after playing for 5 mins and dealing with 1-3 adds per level I will be deleting. After several games and a movie. . . Very disappointing. . .

Too many adsPosted by Mitchael Gerry 2016-09-01

It's a great game, but unfortunately it's been completely consumed by ads. The final straw for me was when they started covering up the X on the ads with another ad...

PoopPosted by Chase Adler 2016-08-27

Good game but................................................................................................?..............................................?..........

Loser from notchPosted by asher ramos 2016-08-09

Hey rovio your not #1 game all of time many games than awesome from you example minecraft supermario metalslug and more the ceo of rovio cry from ceo of mojang hahaha

Where are other 3 in Golden Eggs?Posted by Sanjay Aswani 2016-08-18

Guys in golden eggs episode, please help in getting remaining Three eggs symbolised with a Qs mark, other with treasure chest and One with exclamation mark, please..

Posted by Brea Chapman 2016-08-27

This game is amazing I known this game for 18years but now there to many ads I mean every single minute there's an ad please fix who ever made this game and thank u

A game of laughterPosted by 2016-08-29

While play dis game i notice wen u shoot the enemies some of den sayin no an d way dem flyin up in d air my son loves it.. Wen hes not home i plays it all the time

Can't installPosted by 2016-08-16

Can't install on Android phone or tablet. Both Samsung. Is there a known issue? Bummed. :( (It hangs on the download bar, and never gets to asking for permissions)

Posted by Unified Divyde 2016-08-09

Game is riddled with ads. See one after completing every level, see them during levels. Seems to be the same for all Angry Birds games now. Disgustingly intrusive.

Fun Graphics.Posted by Kara Leigh Aghijlar 2016-10-15

Much like the original, this version has a background helper who starts and stops play actions. A bit on the swerve, this game likes to repeat, repeat, and repeat.

CheatPosted by Anonymus Gamer 2016-10-17

If you lose and don't kill all the piggies it gives you a free video for shockwave. It's bomb with electricity. It's so OP. P.S. might not work every time though.

Ads Ads AdsPosted by Robert Littler 2016-08-24

Turn off WI-FI and mobile data to make it playable. You will just get banner ads. Shouldn't have to do this, the intrusiveness of the advertising is intolerable.

Please fix RovioPosted by Luigi Gaming 2016-08-14

ADS!! Should I say more?? Yes. Ads are ruining this game. Rovio, you need to get rid of those ads, or I have just wasted my time installing this ad-filled game!!

Too many adsPosted by Memento Mori 2016-08-21

I don't mind ads, but they place them right where it will mess up your shots. And its too easy to accidentally press on your shockwave birds. Great game though.

Ads, features removed.Posted by Warren Spain 2016-08-31

Too many ads now. Features that used to be free (the aiming line for starters) now require to watch a video before use. Used to be fun, but now can't stand it.

Sooo many addsPosted by Afrid Reza Rudro 2016-09-16

Such a boring game! The other angry bird game are better than this ! Sooo many ads also! Got weird permissions , Boring , and sooo many ads ! ***k This game !

Too many adsPosted by Brandon Johnson 2016-08-30

I understand putting ads in games, but this is over the top. I have to put my phone in airplane mode if I want to play just so my phone doesn't start on fire.

Stupid movie requiredPosted by J Todd 2016-09-11

I can understand some ads popping up, it us a free game. But a requirement to watch a 10 minute movie before each level is ridiculous. You lost me Roving.

SuperbPosted by Karan Pandit 2016-09-14

It's amazing I love this game very much and it's soo funny I like to play this game anywhere's a awesome...well done guys .. angry birds lover.

Great!but...Posted by Matej Bozic 2016-09-03

The popups are so annoying!they are stupid!i hate them!so if you could remove the popups rovio,i would rate this a perfect 5*!Love you and your games,rovio

Plagued with adsPosted by Noble Matrix 2016-08-23

Once fun game has been destroyed by ads! Asking me to watch an ad nearly every time i do something isnt worth it! Way to go devs. Hope ur wallets are happy.

BadPosted by Keith Parkes 2016-08-10

Its bad because Adds come up boo.Some of the birds are useless though like white birds exploding egg it sometimes misses.and one final thing ANNOYING!!!!!!

Very entertaining!Posted by Joshua Norton 2016-08-17

It's an addictive game, once you start playing your hooked. I challenge anyone to play one level and stop there. They won't be able to (at least I wasn't).

Great gamePosted by Cindy Anderson 2016-10-15

I downloaded this game for my great-grandson but now is having problems loading when he wants to play so could you please fix it thank you very much Cindy

Ad Free?Posted by David Booher 2016-08-23

I paid to have an ad free game I have more ads now than I did before. All wanting to sell me powers and such for the game. It has become really annoying.

Angry at Angry birdsPosted by Gene Riggs 2016-08-12

Its almost impossible to win without buying extras and giving your credit card info. And it gets to a point where you can't win without buying something.

What kind of Bull shit update is it??Posted by Sahitya Paul 2016-10-17

I gave it 5 stars, but because of the new update (worthless) i am editing it & giving 1 star. Considering uninstalling it if this hasn't been fixed.

Ads have ruined it.Posted by Alan Stewart 2016-08-30

I can deal with the occasional ad in a free game, but ads and offers of power ups after EVERY level have prompted me to unistall. A great game ruined.

Not orginal anymorePosted by ryan cuomo 2016-08-28

Now it's all about the angry birds movie I dident even like it and I'm only 10 years old so rovio please change it back to the original angry birds

Posted by Paul - Shelley Rutledge 2016-10-17

What happened? I had to redownload this game and its different! Hate hate hate all the ads and pop ups!! I used to love playing this game now i dont.

Great gamePosted by Tyler Roche 2016-10-15

Great game, I remember when the original Angry Birds first came out. Usually when they remake games they get extremely stupid but this game is better.

Your Change!!Posted by Steve Nasinec 2016-09-11

What's up with stupid "Eagle" that you expect us to get rid of or read before "EACH AND EVERY" shot. Had this game 5 years, till its gone, I'm done!!

AmazingoPosted by Nidhu Kedia 2016-08-13

Fantastically &intelligently designed games full of excitement n entertainment. Game enhances one's ability to take challanges with at most joy.

Too Many AdsPosted by A Google User 2016-09-01

I originally reviewed this game in 2011 and loved it. In 2016, I can't seem to find the game for all the advertising in it. Where did the game go?

Ads Ads Ads!Posted by Jordan Hatfield 2016-08-26

Used to love this game until it's been overrun with ads nonstop! I can't just play the game no, I have to also play close the ads and questions !!

Birds !!!!Posted by Gamex Pkaya 2016-08-06

Loved this game. Very challenging. Must have good aim to destroy all the projects. A wonderful way to pass sometime. This game keeps you occupied.

AaaaaaawweesssoomePosted by Rubyfists65 2016-09-06

App Keep up the great work it would also be nice to make an angrybirds level maker to make your own levels :) but any way keep up the great work.

AaaaaaawweesssoomePosted by Rubyfists 2016-09-06

App Keep up the great work it would also be nice to make an angrybirds level maker to make your own levels :) but any way keep up the great work.

Great GamePosted by Kimberly Reising 2016-08-13

Love it. Me and my daughter play it all the time. Great way to pass the time or just to have fun. So many levels and designs you never get board.

Wish...Posted by Armando Mandito 2016-08-22

I would play longer but it made my phone freeze so I'ma have to reported as a device damage sorry just say my opinion it just do what I gotta do

Gave me adsPosted by Amira Izhiman 2016-10-17

I downloaded this and quickly uninstalled after realizing how terrible it was and then I started getting ads everywhere even on my home screen.

Good game butPosted by 2016-08-20

Good game but sometimes the thing that you need to whatch a video it sometimes dose not pop up please fix that still it is a very good game ;)

Still love it to this day!Posted by Keith Gould 2016-08-19

I don't get everybody's beef with this fun little beauty. Some say it has too much merch or games but at least it is better than minions merch

Posted by Omar Shrag 2016-08-13

guys i am getting a tablet and this is not my phone but when i get my tablet angry birds will be my faivrout game

Way too many adsPosted by Ian Mitchell 2016-10-15

Haven't played the game in a while I would rather pay a few bucks for no ads as this one is unplayable with how many ads it has. Uninstalled

Great gamePosted by Michael Morrison 2016-08-25

Fun game but there is a bug in reds angry feathers level 14. It only has 4 out of 5 pigs and won't let you get 3 stars. Would give 5 stars

The best game everPosted by 2016-08-09

Becease it's. A great game for any one and it's fun and it help my brain to master the levels thx you guys for make ing this the best game

good but not bestPosted by hiru akalanka 2016-08-31

this is a good game but not best. some games banania as a example is better than this.this game is boring sometimes.but a very good game.

Posted by John Smith 2016-08-15

WoW! That indie game that everybody is playing all the time and everybody has the film, plushes and toys! Nice! So indie, so alternative!

LOVE IT!!!Posted by Maria La Barbera 2016-08-23

I have the angry birds movie and I keep w aching it because I love angry birds I also played angry birds 2.angry birds 2 is a good game.

ADS EVERYWHEREPosted by SuperSoozaWarpy770 2016-09-10

You can't hide from the Mighty Scope bribes. Remove these ads that show at the start of every stinking level and I'll change my rating.

Disappointed.Posted by Odeem Theral 2016-08-26

I used to play this all the time. Now there's pop up ads every level start or restart on top of banners and such. Overkill. Unplayable.

It's f****** sh**Posted by Why Gage 2016-08-11

If I wanted to see a ugly bird that looks like sh** I would go talk to my sister she's going to get plastic surgery from a car accident

PopupsPosted by David Boukas 2016-08-30

Every time I start a level there are pop ups for upgrades and it's really annoying. Every time I start a level! The same upgrade! Boo!

Ads ruin itPosted by Vincent Farrow 2016-08-17

Was fun and awesome until ads started popping up frequently. Brand should be more than big enough by now that this shouldn't need ads.

The AdsPosted by Ray Costanzo 2016-08-28

Ridiculous with the ads. Apparently gone are the days of buying it and playing ad-free. One of the best games ever has been ruined.

AnnoyingPosted by hayley banner 2016-08-30

Would have been a 5 star from me but now everytime I start a new level or restart the annoying watch a video for the scope pops up

Posted by yui rio 2016-08-10

Rate 100 stars addicting and awesome cam here's a hint use you're brain bounce you're bird or create chain reaction hope I helped

Only playable in airplane modePosted by Rene Veerman 2016-10-17

Great game when played in airplane mode. Unplayable when connected due to oppressive number of ads. Damages the Angry Birds brand.

Posted by Bhuvan T s 2016-08-13

lgxogx globalists lgxogx phosphates lgxogx lushly I have been working in your browser address and phone calls for the first place

Ads!!!Posted by The Emerald Elytra 2016-08-07

Every time I want to watch a video a darn ad pops up of the same McDonald's and secret life of pets. Decrease the amount of Ad's

Great! But...Posted by David Dillman 2016-09-09

Absolutely LOVE this game. But, for crying out loud, move that little electric bomb guy further from the restart button please!

Posted by Carol Vannoy 2016-09-04

I connected to facebook to get 5 extra league tickets and it erased ALL MY PROGRESS on my tablet!!!!!! I am so ticked right now

Pay for no ads - get ads anywayPosted by Jeff Pouliot 2016-08-29

A suggestion to watch a video for a power up is still an ad. And do you really have to repeat it EVERY time you start a board.

It freezesPosted by Gonzalo Avila 2016-08-26

I've been playing for years, but now the game freezes every 5 minutes for a while and then keeps working... it's frustrating...

Not a bad gamePosted by Willis Fraley 2016-09-02

Immediately the advertisements start taking over the game Be a,fun game if you EVER GET TO PLAY IT!!!. Fun it makes you think.

Posted by Kevin Daily 2016-08-23

Ads won't even let me click where I need to and way to many clicks just to get to the point of playing each time. Not worth it

AwesomePosted by 2016-08-17

It is really addictive and I loved it. It good until you finish all the levels because you can finish the the game in 1 month.

Never become oldPosted by Bilal Ahmed 2016-08-06

This is all time fun game, I played it years ago when it was released but now it upgrade is interesting and become more fun...

Not bad bad, not great, but good.Posted by 2016-08-11

Some levels are hard to beat but none of them are impossible, If you have nothing else to do, this game is a good timewaster.

Too many adsPosted by Ben Rodrigue 2016-09-03

Would buy if no ads showed. Downloaded for my son. Deleted after watching 3 commercials in 3 tries on a level. Unacceptable.

Excellent gamePosted by Latha Balraj 2016-08-29

This game is very good. It is also very generous. I keep getting power ups from time to time. And ads are no problem for me.

Best game ever.Posted by ABU Talha 2016-08-23

This is the best game of all time.I love playing this game.But get some more episodes.And also very challenging.♡♡♡♡

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